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Zoro are enemies that appear in later dungeons of A Link to the Past.[1]

Habitat(s)Misery Mire
Turtle Rock
Effective Weapon(s)Various


Occasionally, when Link opens a doorway in a wall using a Bomb, Zoro will skitter out in small groups. They travel straight downward from the newly opened doorway before disappearing when they hit a wall or obstacle. They are relatively weak and can be easily destroyed by Link's Master Sword, and they won't cause too much damage to Link, but they will continue to appear even when a group is destroyed. Link must be careful when passing through the doorway not to get caught by a newly emerging swarm. The creatures themselves are black and formless, leaving small trails behind them. They are similar to both Boes and Babusu.


  • The name Zoro is likely a play on the Japanese onomatopoeia "zorozoro", which means "to come in droves", describing the behavior of these creatures. Another enemy, the Beetle, is called Zoro Zoro in Japan.


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name
  Japanese ゾロ (Zoro)


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