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Zelda Wiki:User Conduct

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All users of Zelda Wiki are expected to follow this Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct


Users may promote legal and non-vulgar websites on their userpage. However, the staff will ban spambots and reprimand anyone whom they believe has joined the wiki solely for the purpose of advertising.

Advertising in article content or edit summaries is not allowed.


Main article: Help:Editing Etiquette

Users must be civil to one another at all times. Zelda Wiki will not tolerate those who intimidate others and belittle their work. Specifically, edit warring is not acceptable under any circumstance. Vulgarity is not permitted on talk pages.

Remember that we are a fan-site; contributing to Zelda Wiki should be pleasant for all.

Multiple Accounts

Sockpuppetry is not allowed. If a user is found to be using multiple accounts, they will be asked to choose one. The other will be blocked permanently.

You may create a new account if you do not intend to use the old one. Alternatively, you can ask the staff for a username change.

Important: If a friend or family member uses your internet connection to create an account for themselves, please notify one of the active staff members via their talk page to avoid confusion and possible editing bans.


You may edit your userpage ([[User:{{#username:username}}]]) as you see fit, as long as you stay within the following rules.

  • Vulgarity, including external links to vulgar sites, must be hidden by default – using, for example, Template:Hide – and marked with an appropriate warning. Vulgar images are not permitted.
  • You may not add illegal content to your userpage (e.g. links to piracy sites or viruses).
  • As mentioned above, you may promote websites as long as it doesn't break the above rules. However, if it appears you have joined the wiki solely for the purpose of advertising, you may be reprimanded.
  • Your contributions to Zelda Wiki (namely, edits to the mainspace) should outnumber your userpage edits. If you edit your userpage too much, you may be asked to stop and contribute to the mainspace.


Zelda Wiki does not accept users who come to the site with the intention of defacing it with nonsense, obscenity or spam, or by removing content. Depending on the severity of the vandalism, vandals may face an immediate and indefinite ban.


In general, the consequences for not following the Code of Conduct are as follows:

  • First offence: User is informed about the policy (informal warning).
  • Second offence: User is given a formal warning.
  • Third offence: User is temporarily banned for 1-3 weeks.
  • Fourth offence: User is temporarily banned for 1-3 months.
  • Fifth offence: User is banned from the site indefinitely.

First offences of different rules do not accumulate, but consecutive ones do. For example, a user can receive any number of informal warnings for different rules without facing a ban. However, a user may be banned if they do not listen to staff and have to be formally warned to follow multiple different rules. A user can be banned temporarily for disobeying one rule, then banned permanently for disobeying a different rule after they return, even if they have only been warned once about that rule.

The course of disciplinary action to be taken is ultimately decided by the staff. It may differ from the regular course above. Specifically, vandals and spambots are subject to immediate and permanent bans after a first offence.