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January 1st, 2018

Hey there!

🎉 Happy new year to everyone! 🎉

We hope you are all having a wonderful new year's time.

This year, we would like to try something new: a weekly editor's announcement. In brief, this consists of a series of weekly announcements for you, fellow editors, each of them containing 3 specific objectives on which we would like to aim to work on during that week, and a random page related to that theme simply for fun. Of course, you are in no way in the obligation to work solely on these articles, these are simply recommendations on subjects that you can either contribute on or discuss with other members.

This week's theme: Enemies.

Here are the objectives:

BotW Bokoblin Artwork.png

Objective 1

Those two Hinox on the Enemies in Breath of the Wild list are in need of images. Feel free to upload them.
  • Hinox (Middle Kin)
  • Hinox (Oldest Kin)

Objective 2

The following pages could use some additional references:

Objective 3

These pages would need their nomenclature table filled out:

Random article

Of course, every bit of help concerning the latest release in the The Legend of Zelda series, Breath of the Wild, is greatly appreciated. So feel free to browse the Enemies in Breath of the Wild and pick the ones you prefer.

With that concludes the first Editor's Week announcement. See you next week!

Good editing! :)