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A diagram depicting the official Zelda universe from Encyclopedia.

The universe in which 'The Legend of Zelda' takes place. Although the connection between the various lands, worlds, dimensions, and realms is often ambigious, The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia is the priminary source for the structure of the world. What follows is a basic overview of the Zelda universe structure and layout. For extended overview regarding the actual history of universe see the Zelda Timeline, and for extended history, lore, and culture regarding locations, see their corrosponding pages.

The universe is split into three distinct "planes": The world of The Heavens lie on a higher plane than the world called Hyrule, and the lower plane of existence beneath both is the world of the Underworld. Outside of these three planes, there also exist the Minish World and the inverted world of Lorule.

The Heavens

The Heavens, also referred to as the Distant Nebula, is a high plane of existence. It is connected to the world of Hyrule, specifically the Light World. It is also connected directly to the Land of the Spirits of Good. Not much else is known about the Heavens, other then the fact that the Golden Goddesses likely reside there.

The world of Hyrule

The universe is home to the land called "Hyrule". Within Hyrule exists two lands called the Light World, and the Land of the Spirits of Good, as well as connected parallels, such as the Twilight Realm. After the Great Flood occurs, the world of Hyrule becomes a giant ocean.

Light World / The Great Sea

The submerged Kingdom of Hyrule in the Light World following the Great Flood

The Light World is a land within the world of Hyrule and is home to the various countries such as The Kingdom of Hyrule and Hytopia, as well as related realms and parallel worlds. The Sky is situated in the clouds above these countries within the Light World. Following the Great Flood, the Light World becomes the Great Sea.

The Kingdom of Hyrule

The Kingdom of Hyrule is a country set at the heart of the world of Hyrule. Hyrule is home to the Sacred Realm. The Dark World is the Sacred Realm's "opposite", connected to the Sacred Realm, but standing independant of the Light World within Hyrule. The Dark World is also considered "a second Hyrule".[1]


A parallel version of the Kingdom of Hyrule called Termina, formed around the burdened heart and memories of Skull Kid, temporarily came into existence for three days (in limbo), and was ultimately erased from existence after the fourth day.[2] During it's existence, the pathway to the world and the world itself existed within Hyrule Kingdom.


A kingdom which depends on it's fashion industry. It is North of The Kingdom of Hyrule.

Holodrum and Labrynna

Holodrum and Labryanna are two parallel worlds that exist within the Light World, and are connected to The Kingdom of Hyrule.

Koholint Island

Koholint Island is a parallel world which exists within the dream of the Wind Fish somewhere on the outta waters surronding the Kingdom of Hyrule. After the Wind Fish awakens the world ceases to exist.

The Twilight Realm

The Twilight Realm is a parallel version of the Light World which exists "behind" it.

The Neighboring Sea

After the Great Flood, The Neighboring Sea now neighbours the Great Sea; the now flooded Kingdom of Hyrule. As the name suggests, the sea neighbors the submerged kingdom.

World of the Ocean King

The World of the Ocean King is a ocean realm that exists parallel of the Neighboring Sea.

Open Sea

A sea located in the world-wide ocean. It is an unknown distance away from the Great Sea, and Neighboring Sea. The Open sea is connected to the Land of the Spirits of Good.

Land of the Spirits of Good

A land that is connected to the Open Sea. Land of the Spirits of Good is the land on which "New Hyrule" was founded following the discovery of the Land of the Spirits of Good by Tetra.

New Hyrule

The new Kingdom of Hyrule founded by Tetra and her crew upon the discovery of the Land of Spirits of Good and the establishing of friendly contact with the native Lokomo.


The underworld is on a low plane of existence. It is likely the source of all of most of the evil within the world of Hyrule. It is connected directly to the Land of the Spirits of Good.


Other dimensions and worlds that exist independant of The Heavens, Hyrule, and Underworld.


Lorule Castle, Lorule's inverted Hyrule Castle

The inverted dimension of Lorule, is an exact mirror image of the world of Hyrule. It is unknown if Lorule is simply it's own single inverted dimension that is connected to Hyrule, or if it is itself contained within it's own alternative universe.

The Kingdom of Lorule

The Kingdom of Lorule that exists within the world of Lorule. It is the inverted Lorule equivilant of The Kingdom of Hyrule.

The Minish World

The world of the Minish race. The world is connected to the Light World, however it does not exist within the same plane of existence, insteading existing independantly on a level between the The Heavens and Hyrule.


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