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Revision as of 11:15, 15 February 2012 by Xizor1429 (talk | contribs)
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Xizor1429 is an Admin.
Xizor1429 is a Zelda Wiki admin that edits frequently. As such, he is a good source of editing advice.
Nothing escapes the watchful eyes of Xizor.

It is Xizor's official mission on Zelda Wiki to reduce the number of bloated articles down to zero. With any luck, this will be achieved before death.

Xizor was one of the webmasters at LoZ.com, and had been a member of LoZ.com since July 7th, 2003. Initially joining when he was only eleven years old, originally known as Nickdineen. His name was changed to Xizor when he rejoined LoZ.com in August of 2005, his final rejoining due to inactivity. He was a member of the original Xero Gaming, and a member of the second Xero Gaming as well. Over the next two years, he went from being a regular joe-shmo member at LoZ.com to one of the two active Webmasters through persistent dedication to the site and a willingness to step up and speak when he thinks he's right, even if what he has to say isn't going to be the most popular thing to say. He received the "Best Administrator" award three out of six times that the LoZ.com Semi-Annual Awards have occurred since his inauguration. He was the last current "popular" best Admin, but he shared the title with »-LasT-ChaNcE-«, his friend.


Originally joining LoZ on July 7th, 2003 as Nickdineen, Xizor has been a part of LoZ since it was hosted on Lycos.co.uk free webhosting. After a few months, he went over to Xero Gaming (hereafter XG) because the administrators of LoZ shut it down and replaced it with XG due to the fact that Link of Hyrule was nowhere to be found. His interest drifted away from XG as time went on, so that he could focus his attention on his administrative duties at another, smaller Zelda site, but in November of 2004, he came back to LoZ to be a part of it again after its relaunch.

He was there for a brief period, before once again going inactive after about a month, and returned in May of 2005 for a few days before disappearing for the final time. Upon his return in August 2005, he has been there to stay. Just three days after this return, however, LoZ.com was wiped out in a retaliation from Last Chance against Link of Hyrule and KingKrazyLink. Because of this, Xizor regarded Chance in a negative light, until he learned of the supposed plot against Chance. He quickly joined XG.net, while staying active at LoZ.com. By this time, he had been allowed into the "Oldies" usergroup at LoZ.com, reserved for the veterans of the site.

After a few months, he became a Sage, a very prestigious rank at LoZ.com's forums at that time. A few months later, he became a Moderator of the-then "Activity Boards" (Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Forum Games, Forum Competitions, and Website Advertising; now known as "Hyrule Market - The Activity Boards"), a about two months later, becoming a Super Moderator. Following this promotion, the position of regular moderator, generally reserved for the Activity Boards, was abolished.

He was made an Administrator just a few months later, in October of 2006, and following this promotion, he and Chance completely turned the current staff on its head, and shook out all the loose parts and dust. Some of the fallen staff members were returned to their positions, but all were later asked to step down or stepped down by their own free will. However, this period of tumultuous changes to the staff remains in the back of the minds of many LoZ.com Forum Members.

As time passed, Xizor went above and beyond his forum duties, and eventually, he was elevated to Webmaster in May of 2007. To this day, Xizor is still an active Webmaster at LoZ.com, and on April 28th, 2009 became a Bureaucrat at ZeldaWiki.org, after applying successfully for LoZ.com's entry into the project.

On June 12th, 2009, Xizor was named the "Friendliest Webmaster" in the Zelda Community by Ordon Village in the Zelda Fansite Festival.

In June, 2009, he was voted "Best Administrator", "Best Scribe", and "Grammar Nazi" in the LoZ.com Semi-Annual Awards. He opted, however, to share the award of "Best Administrator" with »-LasT-ChaNcE-«.

Recently, Xizor has begun using his own voice talents in video updates for LoZ.com. He also began doing "Fireside Chats with Xizor", which are general community updates with a personal spin on them.

Since October 2010, Xizor has served as the Coordinator for NIWA.

In June 2011, his website became Xero Gaming, and remained a Mastermind of Zelda Wiki until its closure on February 15, 2012.

As a Bureaucrat on the wiki, Xizor has made {{#ec:Xizor}} edits to the Wiki and counting.

More to come as time goes on!

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