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Tingle's Tower

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Tingle's Tower - Interior.png
Interior of Tingle's Tower

Tingle's Tower is an unlockable multiplayer minigame gallery in Four Swords Adventures. Simply progressing through the Hyrulean Adventure mode will gain access to Tingle's Tower and new minigames. Tingle will carry the Tower to a location in each section of the overworld map.

Tingle will reward the player obtaining the most Force Gems as well as the player who meets other goals in the minigames.


  • Bucking Broncos – A horse racing course. Collect the most Force Gems or win the race for a Force Fairy.
  • Cucco Wranglers – Much like an Anju cuccoo game. Round up the most and toss them into the pen.
  • Monster Hunting – Slay the most enemies. Beat your friends up a little too.
  • Hammer Tag – When 'it', swing your hammer to tag other Links
  • Volley by Golly – Slash the bouncing ball when it's your color
  • Mole Melee – Colored moles pop up from the ground, Hammer your color in.
  • Monster Hunting Returns – More difficult Monster Hunting
  • Bonus Course – Tingle's own mini dungeon



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