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Powder Keg

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Powder Keg
MM PowderKeg2.png
Use(s) Blow large boulders up
Comparable Item(s) Barrel
Super Bomb

The Powder Keg is an item found in Majora's Mask.


The keg is the most famous of the Gorons' products[1] and a much stronger version of the regular bomb. It is mainly used to clear the path to the Romani Ranch on either the First or Second Day; the Powder Keg is also necessary to blow a hole in the roof of Ikana Castle. It can only be obtained and carried when Link is in his Goron form[2] and after he has received Powder Keg Certification from Medigoron.[3] Because of their dangerous nature, Link is allowed to carry only one Powder keg at a time, and all merchants will refuse to sell him more if he is already carrying one.[4] Once lit, the Powder Keg will explode when its fuse burns out. However, Link can make it explode immediately by shooting an arrow at the keg.[5]


Powder Keg Certification

The Powder Keg Certification allows Goron Link to use and buy Powder Kegs. After Link recieves the Fire Arrows, he will need to go back to the Goron Village and fire one at the Goron Powder Keg Shop's entrance which is frozen by a huge chunk of ice. Inside, Medigoron is waiting and will give Link a certification test. The test involves taking a Powder Keg with an extra long fuse from the Goron Village to the Goron Racetrack. The entrance is blocked by a large boulder, and to pass the test Link will need to use the Powder Keg to destroy it. Once completed, Link need only return to Medigoron to get the Certification which will stay on him for the rest of the game.

Clock Town

After obtaining the certificate, Link can buy a Powder Keg in West Clock Town for only 50 Rupees.


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Language Name
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