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Poe Soul

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After a Poe is defeated, all that remains of the monster (if anything) is its Poe Soul.

Appearances and Uses

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask


In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, a defeated Poe will drop its lamp onto the ground, revealing a Poe Soul encased within it. One of these can be snatched up in an Empty Bottle, but if left untouched for a dozen-or-so seconds, it will disappear. In Ocarina of Time, a trapped soul can be sold to the Poe Collector at the entrance of Hyrule Castle Town for 10 Rupees, or consumed. A consumed soul could either restore a part of Link's health or take away health until he only has a partial Heart Container remaining.


Rarer Big Poes drop more valuable souls the Collector will pay a larger sums for (50 Rupees), but the consumption effects of these souls appear the same. In Ocarina of Time, the Big Poes can only be found once Link is an adult and as he is traveling with Epona across Hyrule Field. After Link defeats these ghosts, he must take their souls to the Poe Collector to receive, in addition to money, a score of 100 points. The Collector promises Link to give him something if 1000 points are earned, so the young hero must hunt 10 Big Poes in total and take the souls of each. The reward is a new Bottle. In Majora's Mask, defeating the Big Poe inside the Ikana Well allows Link to give its captured soul to a Gibdo to proceed. Another Big Poe can be found in Ikana Graveyard during the Final Day, under the tombstone Dampe explores as he looks for a treasure; due to the little time remaining after the Poe is defeated, its soul's only possible purpose is to be sold at the Curiosity Shop for 200 Rupees.

Twilight Princess

Poe Soul in Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Link can collect Poe Souls to receive various rewards from Jovani. There are 60 Poes in all spread around Hyrule. Poes can only be seen and defeated with Wolf Link's senses, so they cannot be obtained while Link is in his regular, humanoid form. Souls are now stored automatically in any amount on the menu's subscreen, and don't need bottles like they did in Ocarina of Time.

Collecting twenty souls for Jovani will net Link a Bottle of Great Fairy's Tears. With sixty souls Jovani will give Link 200 Rupees whenever he asks. This method of collecting the remains of dead enemies for rewards from cursed individuals is vastly similar to the Skulltula Tokens minigame in Ocarina of Time. There is also a similarity in the Poes in Arbiter's Grounds from Twilight Princess and the Poes from Ocarina of Time considering they too drop their lanterns.

Poe Locations

Ocarina of Time

As previously mentioned, all Big Poes in Ocarina of Time haunt Hyrule Field. Below is a list of their exact locations. The list's order is counterclockwise, starting from the north.

Number Spot
1 Directly south of Hyrule Castle Town, past the letter indicating the direction towards Lon Lon Ranch.
2 East of the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch, past the tree located nearby.
3 In the open area west of Hyrule Castle Town.
4 Near the entrance to Gerudo Valley, in a medium spot between the grassy bluff and the rocky one.
5 Near the entrance to Gerudo Valley, in a medium spot between the rocky bluff and a lone northern tree.
6 In the northeastern portion of the field, which houses several brown trees. The Poe is between in a spot between said trees and a green tree in the westernmost area of that portion.
7 In a field of trees north of the previous area and south of the entrance to Kokiri Forest.
8 Near the short fence southeast of Lon Lon Ranch.
9 In the middle of a gray wall west of Lon Lon Ranch.
10 East of the entrance to Kakariko Village, it usually moves in direction towards the body of water that descends from Zora's River.

Twilight Princess

The list of Poe locations is ordered by place appearance.

Number Location Spot
1 Faron Woods Within the wooden area surrounded by fog.
2 Hyrule Field On the top of a small cliff in Faron Province.
3 Hyrule Field Near a tree found in a cliff east of Kakariko Gorge.
4 Hyrule Field In the middle of a stone bridge north of Lanayru Province.
5 Hyrule Field Under a grotto surrounded by grass in the northern portion of Lanayru Province.
6 Hyrule Field Same as the previous one.
7 Hyrule Field Within the amphitheater ruins in Lanayru Province, where one of the Owl Statues lie.
8 Hyrule Field Near the yard located outside the southern entrance to Hyrule Castle Town.
9 Hyrule Field In the middle of a wooden bridge right in front of the eastern entrance to Hyrule Castle Town.
10 Hyrule Field Found in a crag south of the Great Bridge of Hylia. Some bombable boulders block the Clawshot targets that help Link reach there.
11 Lantern Cavern Within the Lantern Cavern southwest of Kakariko Gorge.
12 Kakariko Village Found where Barnes's explosive supplies used to be.
13 Kakariko Village Right in front of Talo's watchtower.
14 Kakariko Graveyard In the main area.
15 Kakariko Graveyard Under a tombstone.
16 Death Mountain Found in a crag in the trail accessible from the high spot where a baby Goron lies.
17 Hyrule Castle Town Inside Jovani's house. It's the first Poe found, and it's mandatory for Wolf Link to defeat.
18 Lake Hylia In one of the landing platforms of the Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl minigame.
19 Lake Hylia In the grass area southeast of the lake.
20 Lake Hylia In the rocky shore south of the lake.
21 Lake Hylia In a crag right under the starting area of the Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl minigame.
22 Lake Hylia Near the stone watchtower southwest of the lake.
23 Lantern Cavern Within the Lantern Cavern south of Lake Hylia
24 Lantern Cavern Same as the previous one.
25 Lantern Cavern Same as the previous one.
26 Sacred Grove Behind the waterfall.
27 Sacred Grove Under a boulder in the area where Link confronts the Skull Kid directly.
28 Sacred Grove Where the Master Sword lies.
29 Gerudo Desert Near a rock southeast of the desert.
30 Gerudo Desert Near the entrance to the Cave of Ordeals, under the missing fragment of the Bridge of Eldin.
31 Gerudo Desert In a region west of the desert.
32 Gerudo Desert Near a tree in a cliff north of the desert.
33 Gerudo Desert Under a grotto pinpointed by three skulls in the cliff where the previous Poe is.
34 Gerudo Desert Same as the previous one.
35 Gerudo Desert Where King Bulblin is fought.
36 Gerudo Desert West of the entrance to Arbiter's Grounds
37 Arbiter's Grounds One of the Poes that guard the flames needed to open the dungeon's main gate. Defeating it is required.
38 Arbiter's Grounds One of the Poes that guard the flames needed to open the dungeon's main gate. Defeating it is required.
39 Arbiter's Grounds One of the Poes that guard the flames needed to open the dungeon's main gate. Defeating it is required.
40 Arbiter's Grounds One of the Poes that guard the flames needed to open the dungeon's main gate. Defeating it is required, and this one in particular can split into four like the eldest of the Poe Sisters did.
41 Zora's River In the southern grass area.
42 Zora's Waterfall On a cliff east of the waterfall.
43 Zora's Domain In a northern cliff.
44 Snowpeak At the top of the southeastern snowy bluff.
45 Snowpeak Near a tree east of the mountain.
46 Snowpeak Trapped within an ice formation in the cave leading to Snowpeak Top.
47 Snowpeak Near a tree facing a cliff.
48 Snowpeak In the mesa prior to the entrance to Snowpeak Ruins.
49 Snowpeak Ruins In the icy foyer.
50 Snowpeak Ruins Inside the middle armor statue near the foyer.
51 Snowpeak Ruins Behind an icy obstacle in the southeastern room of the second floor.
52 Temple of Time Right from the entrance in the lobby, behind a statue movable only with the Dominion Rod.
53 Temple of Time Behind some gold bars in a corridor in floor three.
54 Temple of Time At the top of floor six, prior to the room with the Boss Key.
55 Hidden Village In the balcony of the northeastern house.
56 City in the Sky In the west wing of third floor, after Link climbs there with some Peahats.
57 City in the Sky In the open-ended room prior to the whereabouts of the Boss Key. Wolf Link must cross some white vines first.
58 Cave of Ordeals On floor 17.
59 Cave of Ordeals On floor 33.
60 Cave of Ordeals On floor 44.

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