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Phantom Zant is the mini-boss of the Palace of Twilight in Twilight Princess.[1]

Phantom Zant
Phantom Zant.png
Other Media
Dungeon(s)Palace of Twilight
Weakness(es)Master Sword
Theme Music

Midna's Advice

Eee hee hee! See you later!

Phantom Zant

If we waste time dealing with this, we’ll never find Zant! Don't bother yourself with those little nuisances! Attack Zant's image!


Phantom Zant is encountered twice in the Palace of Twilight. It throws balls of dark matter that spawn various Twilight monsters, such as Shadow Keese, Shadow Deku Babas, and Twilit Messengers. After Link defeats all the spawned monsters, or the monsters have remained for long enough, Phantom Zant will continue to warp around the room. Eventually, it will temporarily stop to spawn more monsters. It is at this time that Link is able to attack it. After defeating Phantom Zant, Link will be able to obtain a Sol, which he must return to the entrance of the palace.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Phantom Zant appears as part of Zant's Special Attack by charging up a huge darkness ball above his enemies and then slamming it down to the ground at them. Phantom Zant also appears as Zant's Twilight Map standard outfit.


  • Both Phantom Zant and Death Sword share a unique mini-boss theme.


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name Meaning
  Japanese ファントムザント (Fantomu Zanto) Phantom Zant
  FrenchEU Xanto Spectral
Image de Xanto  
Spectral Zant
Image of Zant
  German Phantom Zanto
Phantom Zant
  Italian Zant Spettro
Chimera di Zant  
Specter Zant
Chimera of Zant
  SpanishEU Fantasma de Zant
Ilusión de Zant  
Ghost of Zant
Illusion of Zant


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