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Darunia Town

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Mountain Town of Darunia
The entrance to Mountain Town of Darunia
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Mountain Town of Darunia is a town among the mountains of the northwest coast of Eastern Hyrule in The Adventure of Link.


In this town, Link learns the Up Thrust from a Knight living within. Since the door to the Knight's house is locked from the inside, the young hero uses the Jump Spell to jump from roof to roof and eventually enter the house by going down its chimney. At the end of the basement, the warrior teaches Link his new skill upon talking to him.[1]

One of the elderly women implores Link to rescue a Kidnapped Child who was taken to Maze Island.[2] Rescuing the child and taking him back to the woman rewards Link with meeting an Old Man who teaches him the Reflect Spell.[3]

Many inhabitants, notably elderly women and men similar in appearance to Error, transform into Ache (called "Eyes of Ganon" by the other townsfolk) after Link talks to them.


  • Interestingly, in the first house when entering the town, Link can talk to wall.[4]
  • Chronologically, the town may be named after Darunia, one of the Seven Sages from Ocarina of Time.



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