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Link's Awakening Trading Sequence

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The Trading Sequence in Link's Awakening is a quest that must be completed before Link will be able to face the final boss. For completing it, Link receives the Magnifying Lens.

Unlike other titles, the trading sequence in Link's Awakening is a mandatory element of the game; some of the items within it are needed to progress at certain points. Link must acquire the Bananas, which are the fourth item in the Trading Sequence, and give them to Kiki the monkey to gain access to Kanalet Castle. Link must also acquire the Honeycomb, the sixth item in the Trading Sequence, and give it to the Chef Bear in Animal Village, allowing Link to enter the Yarna Desert. The Magnifying Lens, the last item in the sequence, allows Link to see things that are not normally visible. Most notably, this allows him to read a book in the Mabe Village library which will give directions on navigating the Wind Fish's Egg. However it is not technically required to complete the game.

The Magnifying Lens also has a couple other uses. It also reveals a cave in Toronbo Shores where a friendly Goriya is found. Link may trade certain items with the Goriya in exchange for the Boomerang. Additionally, in Link's Awakening DX, the Magnifying Lens also lets Link see a friendly Zora in a house in the Animal Village.

Yoshi Doll

Official artwork of the Yoshi Doll
LADX Yoshi Doll Sprite.png

The Yoshi Doll is a prize in the Trendy Game. To obtain the item, Link must pay 10 Rupees to play the game and manage to grab the doll with the crane.


LADX Ribbon Sprite.png

To obtain this item, Link must take the Yoshi Doll to Papahl's house in Mabe Village. When Link gives the doll to Papahl's Wife, he will receive the Ribbon in return.

Dog Food

LADX Dog Food Sprite.png

The third item in the Trading Sequence is Dog Food. To obtain it, Link must take the Ribbon to the Chain Chomp in the dog house next to Madam MeowMeow's house. The Chain Chomp will give Link the Dog Food in return.


LADX Bananas Sprite.png

The Bananas can be found at Sale's Banana Shop in Toronbo Shores. Sale will trade Link the Bananas in exchange for the Dog Food. Bananas are one of items in the Trading Sequence that are mandatory to complete the game.


Stick redirects here. For the weapons in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, see Deku Stick.

LADX Stick Sprite.png

The Stick is earned by giving the Bananas to Kiki the Monkey, who can be found near the Kanalet Castle moat. Upon giving Kiki the bananas, more monkeys will arrive and build a bridge, giving Link access to Kanalet Castle. When the monkeys leave, they leave behind the Stick, which Link can then pick up.


LADX Honeycomb Sprite.png

After Link obtains the Sea Lily's Bell from Key Cavern, Tarin will appear in the Ukuku Prairie. He will ask Link for the Stick so he can knock down a Beehive out of a tree. This is followed by a humorous cutscene where Tarin gets chased by Bees. Once the cut-scene is finished, Link can pick up the Honeycomb that was left behind.


LADX Pineapple Sprite.png

The Chef Bear in Animal Village will ask for the Honeycomb. In return, Link will receive the Pineapple. The Chef Bear will then tell Link that he can awaken the Walrus blocking the entrance to Yarna Desert by having Marin sing in front of the Walrus. This part of the Trading Sequence is also required to progress further in the game, as Marin will not follow Link to awaken the Walrus until it has been completed.


LADX Hibiscus Sprite.png

Somewhere in Tal Tal Heights, Link will come across a lost and famished Papahl. He will ask for the Pineapple. As a reward, he will give Link the Hibiscus.

Goat's Letter

LADX Letter Sprite.png

To obtain the Goat's Letter, Link must give the Hibiscus to Christine in Animal Village. Link will then receive the Letter.


LADX Broom Sprite.png

This item is obtained by taking the Letter to weird Mr. Write, who lives just west of Goponga Swamp. Once he is given the letter, Link will receive the Broom.

Fishing Hook

LADX Fishing Hook Sprite.png

The Fishing Hook is earned by talking to Grandma Ulrira, who can be found outside Christine's in Animal Village. Grandma Ulrira will say that she needs a new broom. When Link gives her the Broom, she will thank Link by giving him the Fishing Hook.


Main article: Necklace
LADX Necklace Sprite.png

If Link gives the Fishing Hook to the Fisherman underneath the bridge at Martha's Bay, he will promise to give Link his next catch, which happens to be the Necklace.

LADX Pink Bra Sprite.png

In the original Japanese version of Link's Awakening and in certain European versions, the Necklace was actually the mermaid's pink bikini top, referred to as the Pink Bra. The bikini top was censored into a necklace in the American version and in the DX re-releases of the European versions.


Main article: Scale
LADX Scale Sprite.png

The Scale is the second-last item in the Trading Sequence. When Link returns the Necklace to its proper owner, Martha the Mermaid, she will let Link pick a Scale from her tail.

Magnifying Lens

LADX Magnifying Lens Sprite.png

The Magnifying Lens is the reward for completing the Trading Sequence. To obtain it, Link must take the Scale and place it in The Mourning Mermaid. The Mermaid Statue will then slide sideways, revealing the entrance to a cave. In this cave, Link will find the Magnifying Lens.

The Magnifying Lens can be used to read a book titled "Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint" in the Mabe Village library containing the sequence of directions of the Wind Fish's Egg. However it is not required, as Link may also navigate through trial and error.


  • This Trading Sequence contains more items than any other Trading Sequence.
  • The Bananas and the Ribbon from this Trading Sequence also appear in Oracle of Seasons, with exactly the same sprite.