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The dramatic entrance of Jolene
Race Hylian
Gender Female
Family Joanne (sister)

Jolene is a savage pirate who sails the World of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass.



Jolene keeps a vigilant eye out for her old friend Linebeck, with whom Link travels, so that she might get her revenge on him. If she spots Linebeck's ship she will attack and ambush. If this happens Link will have to fight off Jolene, and if he is successful Linebeck will reward him. For every consecutive ambush, Linebeck will reward Link with progressively higher Rupee rewards, beginning with a Blue Rupee and ending with a giant Red Rupee (worth 200), after which he will stop giving rewards.

Near the end of the game, she sends Link a letter asking for a final battle.[1] After Link defeats her this time, Linebeck will tell him the story of how they met.

Linebeck, by accident, once saved Jolene from a monster,[2] when he was actually trying to escape.[3] This lead Jolene and Linebeck to travel together,[4] until Linebeck stole a part of her treasure and ran away.[5] Since then, she's followed Linebeck around looking for revenge; however, according to Linebeck, the treasure he stole "wasn't even a good treasure."[6] Jolene herself says, after their final duel, that Link had "eyes like the man who captivated" her[7] and tells Linebeck to "take notes."[8] This more-or-less indicates a possible romantic attachment to Linebeck. Linebeck's apparent ignorance of this leads Ciela to call him "dense."[9]


Theory Warning

Due to her resemblance to the Gerudo Pirates in Majora's Mask, some think she might be of Gerudo descent.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
  1. "Little boy in green! So you got me, and got me good! Humiliation burns hot in my pirate blood! And so, my mind is haunted with this one, searing word... REVENGE! Yes! I demand a rematch to see who's truly the strongest on the sea! I've sharpened my skills since last we clashed. I am unbeatable! All will fall beneath my blade. Oh, yes. Somewhere on these vast seas our paths will cross again. If you have any honor at all, you will meet me in battle one last time! The mighty She-Pirate, Jolene" — Letter from Jolene (Phantom Hourglass)
  2. "Well, it was a while ago. I was just cruising through these waters... Anyway, I happened to sail by just as her ship was attacked by a monster. What can I say? I slammed into the beast with my ship and saved the day!" — Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)
  3. "Well, if I'm being totally honest here, I was just trying to get away, see. I sort of lost control of my ship, and it just happened to strike the beast..." — Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)
  4. "So after that, Jolene and I traveled together for a time, but... Pretty soon, I realized that the two of us were from different worlds. Yeah... It's kind of embarrassing, but she was a LOT tougher than I. Plus, I just wasn't cut out for the rough-and-tumble life of a pirate! Yeah, I always preferred the laid-back style of just sneaking off with treasure. Anyway, Jolene and I started seeing less and less of each other... I knew I had to end it, and well...you know..." — Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)
  5. "Well... I made off with some of her treasure..." — Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)
  6. "Ha ha! Anyway, ever since, Jolene has been trying to get her revenge on me! The thing is, it wasn't even that great of a treasure. I didn't think it was worth so much that she'd follow me around like this! That is one persistent woman, let me tell you." — Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)
  7. "I think that what you're attempting to do is crazy, and yet... There is something about your stubborn personality that...draws me. The one who captivated me so long ago had that same look in his eyes." — Jolene (Phantom Hourglass)
  8. "Boy in green, speak to the man in the crate for me. Advise him that he should take notes, for he might learn something." — Jolene (Phantom Hourglass)
  9. "Oh...Linebeck. You really are dense, aren't you?" — Ciela (Phantom Hourglass)