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Instrument of the Sirens

The Instruments of the Sirens[7][1] are quest items in Link's Awakening. The whole set contains eight Instruments.[7]

Instrument of the Sirens
Eight Instruments of the Sirens.gif
The eight Instruments of the Sirens
PluralInstruments of the Sirens[1]
Also known as
Instrument[2] / Instruments[3]
Siren Instruments[4]
Sirens' Instrument[5]
Sirens' Musical Instruments[6]
Other media
Use(s) Awakening the Wind Fish

Location and Uses

Each of the eight Instruments of the Sirens can be found at the end of every dungeon after defeating its respective boss. When combined, they allow Link to awaken the Wind Fish.

Instrument Dungeon
Full Moon Cello
Tail Cave
Conch Horn
Bottle Grotto
Sea Lily's Bell
Key Cavern
Surf Harp
Angler's Tunnel
Wind Marimba
Catfish's Maw
Coral Triangle
Face Shrine
Organ of Evening Calm
Eagle's Tower
Thunder Drum
Turtle Rock

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors Series

In Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, the Sea Lily's Bell appears as the Lv. 1 tier of Marin's Bell Weapon.

In Hyrule Warriors Legends, the eight Instruments of the Sirens appear as Item Cards in the Koholint Island Map of Adventure Mode, which is included in the Link's Awakening DLC Pack. Each Instrument gives an effect to the Warrior during the battle as a Bonus Rule. The Full Moon Cello gives the Warrior a maxed out Special Attack Gauge. The Conch Horn reduces the damage the Warrior takes. The Sea Lily's Bell grants the Warrior a maxed Magic Meter. The Surf Harp increases the amount of Experience points earned. The Wind Marimba increases the amount of Rupees earned. The Coral Triangle increases the amount of Food earned. The Organ of Evening Calm increases Material drops. The Thunder Drum increases Weapon drops.


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name Meaning
  German Musikinstrument der Sirenen Musical Instrument of the Sirens
  Italian Strumenti delle Sirene   Instruments of the Siren
  SpanishLA Ocho instrumentos musicales de las sirenas   Eight Musical Instruments of the Sirens


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