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Old Lighthouse Man.jpg
Gender Male

Horgum is a character in The Faces of Evil.[1]


Horgum is an elderly man who resides in the Toyku Lighthouse, and is possibly its care taker. He gives Link a Lantern so he may light his way through Koridai's darkness.[2] If spoken to again, he comments that there are not many Koridians left on the island, and adds that Droolik around the Face of Glutko is among the few left.[3]


  1. "Die zijn jullie dan vergeten mee te nemen op een andere lokatie, en wel helemaal boven in het speelveld bij de Toyku Lighthouse. Je krijgt die lamp door met Horgum te praten." (CD Interactief Volume 3, Issue 7-8 (HUB Uitgevers), pg. 34)
  2. "Gets mighty dark with all the evil about. Keep this lantern, fool, it will light your way." — Horgum (The Faces of Evil)
  3. "Not many left, Link. There's Droolik, 'round the side of Glutko." — Horgum (The Faces of Evil)