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Help:Image Sourcing

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See the video tutorial regarding this help section: Uploading and Adding Images

Every new image uploaded must be correctly attributed to its creator, editor, or re-distributor. To do this, some special templates should be used to show the source of the image. To add the templates, either type what is indicated in the summary field when uploaded, or add it by editing the image page afterwards. An up-to-date list of image sourcing templates can be found here.


Type Template Explanation
Copyrighted Image {{Copyright}} All of the video games described at Zelda Wiki are copyrighted either to Nintendo or another video games producer. Therefore, most of the images used here are copyrighted. Common examples of such content include:
  • Screenshots
  • Sprites/renders
  • Official artwork/game cover art
  • Game logos
Copyrighted Audio and Video files {{AV-copyright}} Similar to {{Copyright}}. Examples of such content include:
  • Trailers
  • Music
  • Cutscenes
Misc Images {{Fan art}} Used for unofficial or heavily altered images. If the image was created by someone other than the uploading person, and the creator claimed some copyrights rights, then obtain proof of permission from the creator before uploading! Failure to obtain the permission first is copyright violation and will result in the image being marked for deletion.
Image Found on a Wikimedia Site {{WikimediaImage | URL }} Used to credit images that were found on one of the constituent sites of the Wikimedia Foundation, such as Wikipedia.
Screenshot of a Website {{Website | URL }} Used for images capturing a website's layout or content.