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Guruguru Bar

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Guruguru Bar

The Guruguru Bar (lit: Round-and-Round Bar) is a dungeon trap that appears in a number of Zelda adventures and first appeared in A Link to the Past. It is a spinning bar of flames that commonly appears in areas with holes in the floor or confined spaces where the swinging flames are hard to avoid. Guruguru Bars are extremely common in A Link to the Past and were originally intended to appear in The Legend of Zelda[1] but did not make it to the final game. They first appeared in the Mario series as Fire Bars.

In the Zelda series they behave in a similar manner to those in Mario games, spinning endlessly around a block or statue. If they touch Link, they will either cause damage to him or even set him on fire. While in A Link to the Past they are always the same length, later games have much longer Guruguru Bars, and even multiple spokes spinning around a single block. In Four Swords Adventures, it is possible to change the direction of the spinning bars of flame by using certain switches.

Guruguru Bars are invincible, but they are best avoided through use of the Roc's Feather or Roc's Cape. In A Link to the Past, it is useful to use the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.

The Winder is a very similar trap that also first appeared in A Link to the Past.


  • In Turtle Rock, it is possible to avoid taking damage from the Guruguru Bars spinning from the Medusa statues by extending the Hookshot, which causes Link to become invincible as the platform moves past the flames.
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  1. "Iwata: You mean the spinning bars of fire attached to the castle walls that you encounter as you make your way along the corridor to fight Bowser. Nakago: Right. Those first appeared right in the centre of the screen in Zelda."Iwata Asks: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Nintendo Europe.