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Era of Decline

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The Era of Decline is the name given to the span of time starting from during the events of The Adventure of Link to after the events of The Legend of Zelda.[1][2]


    The kingdom of Hyrule still exists in this Era of Decline, a fraction of its former glory, but Link does not visit the castle or any towns during this particular adventure, only the wilds and dungeons of Hyrule. Any people he meets live in caves, forced into hiding by monsters."
    (Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books), pg. 108)
    As the Era of Decline persists, towns and villages dot the expansive Eastern and Western Continents far beyond the diminished kingdom of Hyrule. In each hub, Link can learn magic from elders and received advice from townspeople. Several of the sages in Ocarina of Time share their names with these towns."
    (Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books), pg. 108)