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Dragon Roost Cavern

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Dragon Roost Cavern
Dragon roost room.png
Link sets foot into Dragon Roost Cavern
Location(s) Dragon Roost Island
Game(s) The Wind Waker
Main Item Grappling Hook
Treasure Chart ×2
Mini-boss(es) Bokoblins
Boss(es) Gohma
Quest Reward(s)Din's Pearl
Heart Container
Theme Music

Dragon Roost Cavern is the second dungeon Link visits in The Wind Waker, and the first he is able to fully visit. When Link first comes to the island, Valoo is very angry, yet the Rito who live there do not know why. Unless they can solve the problem, Valoo will not let anyone near to receive his scales, which allow the Rito to fly.[1]

Entrance to the Cavern

The dungeon is Located within Dragon Roost Island, beyond the home of the Ritos, and is the home to the Sky Spirit Valoo.

Link first learns of the cavern from Medli, a Rito and the Great Valoo's attendant. She wishes to visit Valoo and find out why he is upset.[2] With Link's help, she reaches the cavern, and gives Link a bottle, which, with a little ingenuity, allows him access to the cavern as well (the entrance to the cavern is usually blocked by a moat; a rock, from the disturbance caused by Valoo, blocked the hole that caused the moat. So Link waters a bomb flower and blows up the rock).

Themes and Navigation

The dungeon is reminiscent of Dodongo's Cavern from Ocarina of Time: Link has to constantly use Bomb Flowers to destroy giant boulders that block his way; because (surprisingly) Link does not find a Bomb Bag yet, Bomb Flowers remain as the only means of explosive material. The Cavern features a reoccurring amount of torch scenarios, making the exploration less difficult than in other dungeons; other parts require Link to cool lava with water jars, which is very important so that the young hero can pass through fiery floors, as well as rise on lava geysers as if he was taking an elevator; after reaching the Cavern's roof, Link has to rescue Medli, who ends up captured by two Bokoblins and a Moblin (it should be noted that the staircase leading to said roof breaks as the young hero goes right up, meaning that the top area is inaccessible afterwards). Upon her release, Link receives the Grappling Hook, which is what the Rito used to use before they had wings. From this point, Link uses the new tool as a vine to jump lava pits and holes, as well as to press switches hanging from the ceiling.

Once in possession of the Big Key, Link finds the Magtail Queen called Gohma in the room below Valoo. It is this Magtail that was causing Valoo to be upset as she was agitating his tail, which hung down into the cavern below.[3] Using the Grappling Hook and the weight of the slab of dried magma imprisoning Valoo's tail, Link defeats Gohma and restores peace to the island. He then receives the Din's Pearl from Komali as a reward for scaling the cavern.

It is highly debated whether or not Dragon Roost Island is actually the tip of Death Mountain from Ocarina of Time, as the hole that Valoo sits on originally has a ring of smoke around it. The fact that Valoo is a dragon is also interesting, as the former inhabitant of Death Mountain was Volvagia, who the Hero of Time defeated.

Minor Enemies and Traps


  • The background music in Dragon Roost Cavern is a remix of the Dodongo's Cavern and Death Mountain Crater background music, further supporting its connection to Death Mountain.
  • At the entrance of Dragon Roost Cavern there is a mural on the wall of two green dragons that look like Volvagia.
  • Along the wall of the volcano crater is a statue-like structure that resembles the giant Dodongo skull found in Dodongo's Cavern.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 竜の山のほこら (Ryū no Yama no Hokora) Dragon Mountain Shrine
French Republic FrenchEU Caverne du Dragon Dragon's Cave
Federal Republic of Germany German Drako-Sanktuarium Dragon Sanctuary
Italian Republic Italian Caverna del Drago Dragon's Cave
Republic of Korea Korean 용의 산 제단 (Yong-ui San Jedan) Dragon's Mountain Shrine
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Cueva del Dragón Dragon's Cave



  1. "We do so by the graces of the sky spirit, Valoo. When a Rito reaches adulthood, he or she journeys to the top of Dragon Roost to receive a scale from the great dragon. It is this scale that enables the Rito to grow his or her wings. Recently, however, the once-gentle Valoo has grown violent and unpredictable. Sadly, we can no longer approach him. If this continues, the fledglings who are of age will never be able to receive scales from Valoo on Dragon Roost. They will remain wingless, and in time, our very way of life will be threatened." — Rito Chieftain (The Wind Waker)
  2. "I want to go to the small shrine that's near the peak of Dragon Roost, but that ledge over there is so high..." — Medli (The Wind Waker)
  3. "I have to tell you what I found out! This is terrible!...Some creature is doing awful things to the great Valoo's tail! That's why he's so angry! The great Valoo's tail hangs down into the room right below here." — Medli (The Wind Waker)
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