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Bomb Bag

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The Bomb Bag is the case in which Link carries his supply of Bombs. In Ocarina of Time it is said that the Bomb Bag is made from the stomach lining of a Dodongo.[1] It is often possible in Zelda games to acquire larger Bomb Bags as Link progresses.

Not all games that include bombs mention a special bag for them. In A Link to the Past for example, a Great Fairy can increase Link's bomb carrying capacity, but the game never specifies how.

Bomb Bag Locations

The following list is arranged by the location of upgrades. The upgrades can be obtained in any order, unless otherwise specified, but the upgrade level's order is unrelated to it. Therefore, the first upgrade collected (regardless of which one) will always be the medium-sized Bomb Bag, while the last upgrade will be the largest Bomb Bag.

Game Location Method of Obtainment Capacity Image
Ocarina of Time Dodongo's Cavern Located in a chest north of the Blade Trap maze. It serves as the dungeon's treasure item, and its collection before the other two bags is mandatory. 20
Bomb Bag.png
Goron City Given to Link by stopping Hot Rodder Goron, in the middle floor of Goron City, in a cave where a signpost can be read.[2] 30
MM BigBombBag.png
Bombchu Bowling Alley It's one of the many prizes earned in the Bombchu Bowling Alley minigame. 40
MM BiggestBombBag.png
Majora's Mask West Clock Town Obtainable by going to the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town for only 50 Rupees. They will have the Bomb Bag in stock, and Link can carry Bombchu and Bombs in it. Surprisingly enough, buying this bag is completely optional. See below for more details. 20
Bomb Bag.png
West Clock Town There are two ways to obtain it: It can be obtained by rescuing the Old Lady from Bomb Shop from Sakon's arrest during the night of the First Day; afterwards, the Bomb Shop in Clock Town will have the Big Bomb Bag in stock. Alternatively, he can purchase this bigger Bomb Bag in the Curiosity Shop on the third day if it is already stolen on the first day (it'll be sold at a higher price in this case, however). If the second method is chosen, Link can skip getting the smaller Bomb Bag altogether. 30
MM BigBombBag.png
Goron Village Link can get the final upgrade from the Business Scrub in the Goron Village at Snowhead by trading in his Big Bomb Bag and 200 Rupees.[3] Without the Big Bomb Bag, the bigger product will cost 1000 Rupees and, because the maximum currency cap is 500 Rupees with the Adult Wallet, getting the Biggest Bomb Bag at its original price is impossible. 40
MM BiggestBombBag.png
The Wind Waker Windfall Island Inside Tetra's Ship, after completing Niko's second and most difficult test. 30
Eastern Fairy Island Earned from the resident Great Fairy 60
Southern Fairy Island Earned from the resident Great Fairy 99
The Minish Cap Belari's house, just outside Minish Village Given to Link by Belari 10
Hyrule Castle Town For sale in Stockwell's Shop for only 600 Rupees. Not available in the European version of the game. 30
Mount Crenel Given to Link by a Great Mayfly Fairy 50
Wind Ruins After fusing Kinstones with Belari, there will be a treasure chest appearing in the ruins. 99
Phantom Hourglass Temple of Wind Earned in the basement floor as the resident dungeon item. 10
Beedle's Shop Ship For sale for only 1000 Rupees (only when Beedle is masked) 20
Bannan Island The prize of the Cannon Game, after scoring 2500 points 30 File:PH Giant Bomb Bag.gif
Spirit Tracks Beedle's Air Shop For sale for only 500 Rupees 10 ST Bomb Bag 1.png
Whittleton Won after winning the Whip Race in under 1:30 20 ST Bomb Bag 2.png
Hyrule Castle Town Won after winning the Take 'Em All On minigame in the second level 30 ST Bomb Bag 3.png
Skyward Sword Earth Temple Obtained by defeating 2 Lizalfos 10 Bomb Flowers
SS BombBag.png
Skyloft Bought at the Gear Shop for 150 rupees 5 extra Bombs, but takes one slot in the Adventure Pouch
Skyloft Upgrade the Small Bomb Bag 10 extra Bomb Flowers
Skyloft Upgrade the Medium Bomb Bag 15 extra Bomb Flowers

Locations in Twilight Princess

Bomb Bags work a bit differently in Twilight Princess than they do in other games. The differences are based on that there are multiple Bomb Bags, and only one upgrade:

  1. A Bomb Bag, already packed with bombs, can first be obtained from Barnes in Kakariko Village as part of a special package once he restocks his shop. There are three types of bombs which can be put into it — regular Bombs, Water Bombs, and Bomblings — and the maximum number depends on the type of bomb, being 30, 15, and 10 of each type respectively. Furthermore, only one type of bomb can be used in a bag at a time. To cope with this handicap, two more Bomb Bags can be obtained, as detailed below.
  2. One of the extra Bags is gained by using Bomb Arrows to clear away rubble downriver of Iza's boat rental.
  3. The other Bag is given to the young hero by using Water Bombs to destroy the Molten Shard used to thaw out the throne room of Zora's Domain. The Goron that was trapped inside will reward Link for this.

For the special Bomb Bag upgrade, if Link scores 25 or more points on Iza's river rapid ride game, she will give him the bomb upgrade, which doubles the carrying capacity of all his bags, allowing them to hold up to 60 regular Bombs, 30 Water Bombs, or 20 Bomblings.

Additionally, it's also allowed to store the same type of bomb in more than one bag. This way, Link can have a total of either 90 regular bombs, 45 water bombs or 30 Bombling at first; with the Big Bomb Bag, numbers are doubled to 180 (regular), 90 (water), and 60 (Bomblings). In Twilight Princess, therefore, Link can carry the highest number of regular bombs in any Zelda adventure to date.


  1. "You found a Bomb Bag! This bomb-holding bag is made from a Dodongo's stomach!" — N/A (Ocarina of Time)
  2. "If you can stop my wild rolling, you might get something great. -Hot Rodder Goron" — Sign (Ocarina of Time)
  3. "I'll give you my Biggest Bomb Bag, regularly priced at 1000 Rupees... In return, you'll give me your Big Bomb Bag and just 200 Rupees!" — Business Scrub (Majora's Mask)

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