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That is one big spider...And it's even got a big nasty eye on its back... If that thing cast its gaze on you, you'd be helpless...Your best shot is going to be after you've knocked it down! If you don't hurry up and attack it, it'll crawl back up to the ceiling! That thing is so heavily armored, your sword just bounces right off...It's not just big. It's HUGE! I don't know if any of your items could do much to it, [Link]...It doesn't do much good to drop it in front of a statue if you don't move the statue once it's there! You have to watch its movements while it's crawling around on the ceiling! What a handy little spider-crusher! Go on! Just whack away!
(Second form)

It sure is a persistent bug... Even if it is just its eye, it's still alive...But now that its armored shell is gone, you should be able to finish it off with your blade!

Armogohma can shoot fiery lasers from its eye. It can also lay dozens of eggs, which hatch into Baby Gohmas. In order to stun Armogohma, Link must shoot its eye with the Bow. Afterwards, Link must bring one of the massive statues in the room to life with the Dominion Rod; doing so allows him to make the statue swing its fist onto Armogohma's carapace. After three hits by the statues, Armogohma's body will implode. Afterwards, Armogohma's eyeball reveals itself to be a small spider on its own, which tries to escape along with some of its spawn. The eyeball can be defeated with a single Sword strike, three Arrow shots, a single Bomb Arrow, or two Spinner attacks. It can also be defeated by using one of the statues controlled by the Dominion Rod, flattening it in the process.

After Armogohma's defeat, Link obtains a Mirror Shard and a Heart Container.


  • In the Zelda HD Experience, Armogohma appears fighting against Link in an environment reminiscent to the Temple of Time.


Armogohma's name is a portmanteau of "Armos," and "Gohma."

  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name Meaning
  Japanese 覚醒甲殻眼 シェルドゴーマ (Kakusei Koukaku Gan Sherudo Gōma) Awoken Shell Eye: Shelled Gohma
  FrenchEU Golgohma, arachnide siliceux du Crépuscule Golgohma, Siliceous Arachnid of Twilight
  German Spinnenstatue: Armogohma Spider Statue: Armogohma
  Italian Armagohma, l'aracnide del crepuscolo
  Korean 각성갑각충 셸드고마 (Gakseong Gapgakchung Sheldeugoma) Awakened Crustacean Insect: Shelled Gohma
  SpanishEU Armogohma, Arácnido de las Sombras Armogohma, Arachnid of the Shadows


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