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Artwork of Anju in Majora's Mask
Cucco KeeperTriforce piece.png
InnkeeperTriforce piece.png
Race Hylian
Gender Female
Family Ocarina of Time:
Carpenter's Boss (father)
Granny (grandmother)
Grog (brother)
Majora's Mask:
Gampy (deceased grandfather)
Tortus (deceased father)
Kafei (fiancé)
Counterpart(s) Cucco Lady (Ocarina of Time)

Anju is a young woman who is most often depicted as a cucco keeper. She has appeared in three games, but her most significant role is in Majora's Mask, the only game where she is not a cucco keeper.

Appearances and Biography

Ocarina of Time


In Ocarina of Time, Anju's name is not given, she is only refered to as the Cucco Lady by the other characters. She can be found in Kakariko Village, where she raises and tends to her cuccos. Ironically, the Cucco Lady is allergic to cuccos, so she has a hard time taking care of them and keeping them inside the pen.[1] When young Link first meets her, the cuccos will be running around all over the village. As the Cucco Lady cannot do it herself, it is Link's job to round them up and bring them back to their pen. For Link's help, she will reward him with an empty bottle.[2]

When Link returns to Kakariko Village as an adult, he may speak to the Cucco Lady to begin the Biggoron's Sword quest. She will tell him that she bred a special new breed of Cucco that does not give her an allergic reaction.[3] She gives him an egg which he must carry until it hatches (similar to the one Malon gave him as a child). After the egg hatches, Link must use it to wake a really lazy person, Talon, and return the new Cucco to the Cucco Lady. She will then give Link her brother's blue Cucco, Cojiro.

She is confirmed to be the daughter of the Carpenters' Boss, at least in this game. This is confirmed by the fact the man who leaves the Poacher's Saw in the Lost Woods is verbally confirmed to be Carpenters' Boss's son, and that the Cucco Lady calls him her brother.[4] Her parallel character in Termina is Anju who runs the Stock Pot Inn in Clock Town.

Majora's Mask

Anju working at the Stock Pot Inn

In Majora's Mask, Anju is the inn keeper at the Stock Pot Inn and the best friend of Cremia, the owner of Romani Ranch.[5] She is currently engaged to Kafei, Mayor Dotour's son, and they plan to have their wedding on the day of the Carnival of Time; however, certain circumstances have caused Anju to start doubting her fiancé. Although her father, Tortus, has passed away, her mother and grandmother live with her in the inn.[6] She is one of twenty characters in the game with an entry in the Bombers' Notebook, and nearly all of her entries are related to the "Reuniting Kafei and Anju" sidequest, in which she plays a key role.

Anju is portrayed as apologizing quite often and appears somewhat nervous. She is not a very good cook and, according to Kafei's diary, tends to leave things until the last minute.[7][8] She also seems to have trouble remembering customers' faces, which can cause her to deliver reservations to the wrong person.[9]

Because of her involvement in the largest sidequest in the game, Anju is one of the most developed non-playable characters in the game. If Link hangs out around the Stock Pot Inn for an entire three day cycle, he can quickly learn a lot about Anju and her personality.

Reuniting Kafei and Anju

Main article: Reuniting Kafei and Anju
Anju on her wedding day
Anju on her wedding day

The Anju and Kafei sidequest is the only sidequest in the Bombers' Notebook that takes an entire 3-day cycle. When they were children, Anju and Kafei promised to marry each other on the day of the Carnival of Time, exchanging the masks of the sun and the moon during the event.[10] However, Kafei disappeared with his wedding ceremony mask one month before the wedding due to the fact that, after he was turned into a child by the Skull Kid,[11] his Sun Mask was stolen by Sakon as he was on his way to see the Great Fairy in North Clock Town about his desperate situation.[12] Despite Kafei's terrible fate, Anju does not know what has become of him or why he disappeared. She is afraid to meet his fiance and hear the reason as to why he escaped, for she fears his disappearance might have been because of her.[13]

Anju's Mother puts ideas into Anju's head that Kafei might have run off with Cremia, the owner of the Romani Ranch, since she needs strength from a partner and business support from Madame Aroma, who is Kafei's mother. If Kafei really had run off with Cremia, she could have had both.[14]

When Link intervenes to help reunite Kafei and Anju, the young hero meets with the inn keeper in the kitchen at her request.[15] She asks of him to deliver a letter to the postbox in her stead, hoping to get a description of her fiancé if Link is to meet with him.[16] Anju is too afraid to do this on her own, so she tells Link to pass on the message that Anju is waiting for him.[17]

Link meets Kafei, who explains his situation, and the young hero promises to hand over Kafei's pendant to Anju, the Pendant of Memories.[18] Once the young inn keeper receives this important item, she will once again believe in Kafei and decide to wait for his return despite her mother's wishes and despite that everyone else will be taking refuge in Romani Ranch.[19]

On the night of the Final Day, with just a few hours left until the moon falls, Anju is desperately waiting for Kafei in her room with the Moon Mask in hand. The two lovers at last reunite and exchange their masks and oaths when Kafei returns from having retrieved the Sun Mask that was stolen from him.[20] In return for witnessing this event, they grant Link the Couple's Mask.[21] Even though the moon is just hours from destroying Termina, they urge Link to take refuge, for they will stay and greet the morning together.[22]

During the ending credits, Anju and Kafei can be seen outside of Clock Town having their wedding ceremony.


Day Time Location Activity
1 6:00 AM Stock Pot Inn Lobby At Check-In Desk
1 10:55 AM Stock Pot Inn kitchen Goes to get food for grandmother
1 12:00 PM Anju's Grandmother room Arrives at Granmother's room to deliver food
1 1:00 PM Stock Pot Inn Employee Room Takes food to Employee Room
1 1:50 PM Stock Pot Inn lobby At Check-In Desk
1 8:30 PM Stock Pot Inn lobby Locks up the inn
1 9:05 PM Stock Pot Inn Employee Room Goes to bed
1 11:30 PM Stock Pot Inn kitchen Meets with Link for meeting if Link spoke to her wearing Kafei's Mask after Postman delivered her a letter
2 11:30 AM East Clock Town Goes for a walk if Link did not talk to her or did not give her the Pendant of Memories
2 1:50 PM Laundry Pool Sits on bench and thinks if Link did not talk to her or did not give her the Pendant of Memories
2 9:30 PM Stock Pot Inn Employee Room Talks with Mother about her doubts with Kafei if Link does not deliver the Pendant of Memories
3 6:00 AM Stock Pot Inn bunk room Sweeping
3 12:00 PM Stock Pot Inn Employee Room Takes break
3 6:00 PM Stock Pot Inn Employee Room Waiting in room for Kafei if Link delivered Pendant of Memories

The Minish Cap


In The Minish Cap, Link must collect Anju's cuccos within a certain time limit. If he does so, Anju will reward him with Rupees and either Mysterious Shells or Kinstone pieces. The next time Link talks to her, Anju will make the challenge more difficult by changing the number of cuccos needed, their distance from the pen and the time available to catch them. Once Link completes the challenge 9 times, she will give him a Heart Piece. To make the task easier, it is recommended to use the Pegasus Boots (without a sword) and the Flippers to reach the cuccos more quickly. Thrown cuccos travel quickly and generally move in the direction they were thrown. By throwing one, rolling up to it and picking it up again, it is possible to save some time. This technique becomes very important when dealing with golden cuccos, as they leave Link's grasp if they are held too long.

In The Minish Cap manga, Link tries to look up her skirt as a minish, but instead nearly gets stepped on.

Anju (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
Anju Figurine.gif
This young woman tends to her cuccos in Hyrule Town. If you help her gather her loose cuccos, she’ll give you a reward.
Challenge # Cuccos needed Time Available
(in seconds)
Rupees Other
1 3 25 30 10 Mysterious Shells
2 4 30 40 20 Mysterious Shells
3 5 45 90 20 Mysterious Shells
4 5 50 50 30 Mysterious Shells
5 5 45 90 30 Mysterious Shells
6 6 50 100 Red Kinstone
7 7 60 190 Red Kinstone
8 2 55 20 Red Kinstone
9 3 55 110 Piece of Heart
Total 40 415
(6 min 55 sec)
720 110 Mysterious Shells
3 Red Kinstones
Piece of Heart




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