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Zyle is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link can find Zyle standing near a Cooking Pot in the Gerudo Canyon. Link can speak to Zyle to begin the "Good-Sized Horse" Side Quest. Zyle is surprised to see Link and tells him that he was attacked by monsters,[2][3] causing his Horse to run away and leaving him stranded.[4] Zyle asks Link to sell him a Horse for 300 Rupees if he finds one for him so that he may continue his travels.[5][6] Link agrees to find him a Horse and Zyle's only request is that the Horse is not too big but "suitably sized."[7]

Upon returning to Zyle with a Horse, Zyle is excited that the Horse is just like his old one and asks if he could have it for 300 Rupees.[8][9] Link agrees to sell the Horse and Zyle pays him 300 Rupees as promised.[10] Before departing, Zyle expresses excitement about his new partner and the Side Quest is completed.[11][12]

If Link talks to Zyle as he departs on his new Horse, he tells Link to say hello to him if he ever sees him on his travels.[13] After this point, Zyle can be found at the Outskirt Stable in Hyrule Field.


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