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Forest Zolgel
Habitat(s)Deku ForestTriforce piece.png
Steamy MarshTriforce piece.png
Icy PlainTriforce piece.png
Mount DesmaTriforce piece.png

Zolgels,[name reference needed] also known as Gelzols,[name reference needed] are enemies in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. They are aggressive gelatinous blobs that shoot damaging jelly at Tingle and slowly move away from him. They all behave the same and usually appear in small groups of two or three, but vary in strength and the items they drop.

Characteristics and Variations

Forest Zolgel

Forest Zolgel are found commonly in the Deku Forest and the Steamy Marsh. They usually drop Gelatine when defeated.

Snowfield Gelzol

FPTRR Snowfield Gelzol Sprite.png Snowfield Gelzol are a stronger variety found on the Icy Plain. They may drop Gelatine and Triangle Chips when defeated.

Mountain Zolgel

FPTRR Mountain Zolgel Sprite.png Mountain Zolgel are yet stronger and are found on Mount Desma. They may drop Gelatine or Super Chips when defeated.

Gold Zolgel

FPTRR Gold Zolgel Sprite.png Gold Zolgel, as with other gold enemies are found only rarely in place of Forest Zolgel in the Steamy Marsh. They will drop a large number of Rupees when defeated.


  • For some reason, Snowfield Gelzol have their name reversed, but are otherwise unchanged aside from their strength.
  • These are one of the few enemies to be a direct reference to an enemy from the main Zelda series, namely the very similar Zol and Gel monsters. Whether the creatures are directly related or simply share a similar name is unclear, but given that the Tingle games appear to occupy their own canon, it is likely just a reference.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Forest Zolgel Snowfield Gelzol Mountain Zelgol Gold Zelgol
Japan Japanese モリゾルゲル セツゲンゲルゾル ヤマゾルゲル キンイロゾルゲル