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Share your Wisdom.

This page is the HQ for the Zelda Wiki Editor Large-scale Destubbing Assignment, better known as ZELDA. We are a group of editors striving to destub and improve articles. If you would like to join, place your sig in the section Editors Willing to Participate in this Project.

ZELDA: A Brief History

ZELDA was formed in December of 2009 by Axiomist from a suggestion he loved made by Calibure. This project began in his sandbox, but when it gained support, it became clear that it was time for it to branch off. The page was later given its own project page which you see now. We are still working on destubbing articles, and we would love for you to help us!


  1. To lower the stub ratio as much as possible.
  2. To make improvements to articles marked as needing it.
  3. To provide readers with even more quality information than we currently have.


  • There is a "badge" available to all confirmed members of ZELDA. It comes in the form of an icon. It may be seen here.
  • A userbox of interest is the Template:User Proud|User Proud, which allows you to list up to 20 articles you are proud to have shared your wisdom on.

Brief Guide to Article Content and Formatting

Although Zelda Wiki has the enviable stub ratio of 0, many of the stub articles are frequently vistited and noticed. This project hub will strive to bring stubs to decent article standards. See Help Guides for more in-depth information.

Tips on expanding an article beyond Stub-status.

  • Subject Too many articles focus more on things revolving around the subject rather than the subject itself. This is really annoying to readers when they're looking for more information on an actual thing. Try to recenter the article on the subject. Keep the related information in but make sure that it doesn't eclipse the actual subject.
  • Introduction Introduce the article as well as possible. Make the reader want to read the rest. To do this, don't repeat what the article says, simply touch those points and offer an insight.
  • Images Find Images by searching related articles, Unused Images, or other websites (particularly our affiliated sites).
  • Additional images can be added to an article's image gallery.
  • Links Add pipelinks to increase the navigatibility of the page. Avoid linking to disambiguation pages. Click on the links and ensure they have the proper identifiers and do not end at a disambiguation page.
  • Templates Consider adding a template or even a few. such as an infobox, a related subject navigation template, etc
  • Infoboxes ZW has many infoboxes and probably needs many more.
    • Ensure the fields of the template are up to date, more fields are added often and few older insertions are updated
    • Add or suggest any new fields you believe are warranted
  • Navigation Templates ZW has largely overlooked the use of Nav Templates thus far, many new nav templates are likely warranted to keep consistency in Cross-References.

Tables Tabilizing some awkwardly placed information is another option. Advanced tables can also be done (such as sortable tables, and irregularly celled tables)

Overhaul Reformat the article if necessary, sometimes bold changes are needed. In this case you may be better off working in the Sandbox and getting some opinions before replacing the article.

References Revisit the source(s) of the article and find more things to write with the goal of expanding the article in mind.

  • Take notes and use specific quotes for references from the game, instruction manual, official guides, official site, or even developer quotes.
  • See Help:References for help with including references or even ask any of the in-house Template:User Citationist|Citationists.
  • Use {{Fact}} to mark statements needing a source. The SaRIA team aims to get references on every page, and doing so will help.

See Also Sections Many articles needing cross references have none.

Categorization Review the article's categories and determine if these are adequate, add more relevant categories if possible.

Delete? If a topic is Zelda specific, regardless of its importance, a deletion is unlikely. One other option is to merge pages of little importance into similar or related pages. The Zelda Definitions page could serve as a common ground for pages that have few options for a merge.

Top 10 Candidates to Improve

NOTICE! This section is for articles in need of SERIOUS attention. Do not add articles which only need minor improvements. Once an article is added, please leave a comment in the comments section.

Improvement Needed
Hero of Time
This page is basically BLANK. This is in need of serious attention for an article of this much importance.
A lot of expansion could take place here. Some of these might even lead to all new articles once large enough.
100% Completion
My, my...This article's small. It's nowhere NEAR achieving its full potential. It obviously needs to have someone write the sections on all of the games.
Light World
The real question is: what cannot be done to this article? It needs everything! Or, and this must get support, it could be redirected to Hyrule or something of the sort. This article has an uncertain fate.
Sunshine Seashore
This article definitely needs fleshing out. Images are also necessary.
First Continent
This article needs considerable improvement, mainly its history, descriptions of various areas and images.
Second Continent
Like the First Continent article, it needs history, descriptions of its areas and images.
Third Continent
Like the First and Second Continent articles, it needs a history section, descriptions of its areas and images.
Needs information on promotional items. The subsequent pages need improvement as well, such as descriptions or more examples.
Page 1
There is little information about the occurrences in the page on this article. Images and references would greatly help.

Editors willing to participate in this project

Simply sign (3 tildes ~~~ for a sig only) below so the support can be measured! Axiomist (talk)



User:Cipriano 119/sig

Noble Wrot



Pete |

Ganondox (U) (T) (C) User:Trveganondox/sig

-- Green_Tunic (Talk)


- TonyT S C


— GeneralTarken [*]

The Super Smasher (talk)


Added Tears of Light per Dany's request. The current stub ratio is .1310, but I decided to update it every Saturday rather than after every destubbing bc the stat page doesn't really keep up automatically as it isn't on this wiki and lists every single wiki. Axiomist (talk) 04:35, 9 December 2009 (UTC)

I think I might have to bother you guys with another request. I recently categorized all the characters pertaining to the Anouki race, and it seems most of their articles are no longer than two sentences long! It's quite sad, really, but if you guys could expand them a little bit, that would actually be great. I haven't played PH in a LONG time, so I can barely recall anything, but...maybe you guys do? Thanks! :) Dany36 03:47, 13 December 2009 (UTC)
Added Stages in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It's a deathly horrid page. I know we can pull together to get it worked on and fixed up.Justin(Talk) 18:04, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
I added in some pictures and a little more info/clarifications on some stages in the Melee Stages Article, but it still needs more work. Notably, I didn't find images for the stages that still don't have them, and I believe the info on Mushroom Kingdom 1 might be incorrect. I think it's a different stage than in the original Smash Bros game. --Ionizer (t c) 00:44, 22 December 2009 (UTC)


Article Date Destubbed Editor(s) Stub Ratio Change
Happy Hearth Inn
Calibure -.0092
Carpet Merchant
Ganondorfdude11 -.0007
Justin -.0008
Restoration Wall
Cipriano 119 -.0006
Crenel Hermit
Cipriano 119
Floodgate Keeper
South Shore
Cipriano 119
Business Scrub Association
Cipriano 119
North Castle
Aboda Village
Noble Wrot