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Wiki Weeklies are weekly events hosted by Zelda Wiki held at 1:00 PM ET on Sundays. They are hosted in the #wiki-weekly channel on the Zelda Wiki Discord server.


Wiki Weeklies are events wherein we band together to tackle various subjects from across the series. We do this because as the series has become more complex, so has its coverage. By joining together as a team during these events, we are able to adapt to this growing need and cover content much more quickly and effectively than if we were all covering it separately. If you want to see how it works first-hand, come join us and watch. Participating in Wiki Weeklies is also one of the best ways to learn the ropes. With our active editors on hand, we can show you how and why we do things the way we do and you can take part in helping to shape the articles we need.


You can view upcoming and past Wiki Weekly events and articles in the form of cards on the Wiki Weekly Trello board. When appropriate, these cards will contain images and data to help people with the process of creating the articles in question, so it's generally a good idea to refer to the correlating Trello cards to get started.

Additionally, each Trello card is marked with a colored label to signify what game or source material that is being worked on. You can view these labels by mousing over them, clicking on them, or by clicking on the card itself.


For specific guidelines on a given game or subject, click on any of the active projects below.

Breath of the Wild Encyclopedia
Breath of the Wild Encyclopedia