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The Zelda Wiki staff consists of two explicit groups: administrators and executives.

  • Administrators oversee the day-to-day operation of the wiki. They are the staff you will see editing on a daily basis (see Admin Roles below).
    • Trainees are administrators in training. They are distinguished from full-fledged admins by the Piece of Heart next to their username (see Becoming an Admin).
  • Executives manage the wiki on a higher level. They are responsible for – among other things – the ownership, finances and marketing of Zelda Wiki and Zelda Universe. Most of their work goes on behind the scenes. Unlike admins, you will not often see their names in the logs, though they are still very much active on the site.

The wiki director is the head administrator and also an executive. He or she acts as an intermediary between the two groups. The current wiki director is TriforceTony.

Current Staff

Below is Zelda Wiki's complete active staff team.

Username Real Name Signature Field(s) of Expertise
52katie Katie -52katie (Talk) Graphics
Astroninja1 Chris - Article Maintenance
AzelleAx Anne-Marie - Graphics
Chuck Chuck - Chuck * (Talk) Article Maintenance
KokoroSenshi Dillon --KokoroSenshi (talk | contribs) MediaWiki System Administration
MannedTooth Olivier - Article Maintenance
Templates & Modules
Midoro Reggie - Midoro (T C) Article Maintenance
Name Position Signature
Jason Owner
Chief Executive Officer
Codydaviestv Operations Director -
Shona Deputy Operations Director -
Yumil1988 Publications Director -
TriforceTony Editor in Chief - TonyT S C
Link Lab Deputy Director User:Link Lab/sig
Pixel Head of Graphics - Pixel TC

Contact the Staff

General questions should be posted to the Discussion Center, which administrators monitor regularly. Posting there assures that you will get a timely response from an admin suited to answering your question.

You can contact a staff member on their talk page if you wish. Administrators are your best bet in this case. If an executive is needed to resolve your issue, an administrator can notify them and get an answer more quickly than if you were to contact the executive directly on their talk page. One possible exception is the wiki director. Depending on their style of leadership, they may either be very active on the site or work more behind the scenes. If you often see their name in the Recent Changes, they are most likely the best staff member to contact. Otherwise, contact a regular administrator and they will get in touch with the director if necessary. The staff uses a private chat so that the team can coordinate its efforts and act as a single entity.

About Staff Membership

The staff represent Zelda Wiki as an organization and act in what they believe to be the site's best interests. They speak and act on behalf of the wiki's user base, especially its readership which does not have much of a voice on the wiki itself. The staff has a decisive influence on discussions about the content of the site (e.g. layout changes, merge and split discussions, and so on). Administrators in particular will lead many of these discussions. However, the staff does not have ultimate authority. At Zelda Wiki, the majority of decisions are made by consensus. All users have an equal say at the Zelda Wiki:Discussion Center and on talk pages. The staff will only step in and make the final decision in situations where no consensus is being reached. That said, there are certain issues which must be handled by staff only. These include server administration, funding, bans, promotions, demotions, page protections, and the enforcement of the Code of Conduct. Staff members reserve the right to make final decisions regarding these issues, though they will certainly consider other editors' concerns.

Most Zelda Wiki staff members started out as regular users on the site. Any Zelda Wiki user can become staff given the right conditions. See Becoming an Admin below for more details.

The staff was formerly divided into three groups: patrollers, admins, and bureaucrats, each with their own rights. This outdated staff structure was a vestige of Zelda Wiki's Mastermind system and was scrapped in 2014. Bureaucrats were renamed to executives and all staff members are now given full administrative rights.

Admin Roles

Administrators are trusted users who help the wiki in more was than editing articles. Their main responsibilities are:

  • Patrolling, i.e. quality control.
  • Leading the site's editor base and coaching new users.
  • Working with editors to create, amend, and implement policies.
  • Enacting said policies and enforcing the Code of Conduct.
  • Combating vandals and spambots.
  • Performing general site maintenance.

Admins are granted special rights to execute their tasks. These include deletion, page protection, banning, text replacements and more.

Becoming an Admin

One can become an administrator of Zelda Wiki by either:

  1. Apply during a hiring period. Hiring periods will be announced on the site. Successful applicants will be added as trainees, which have all the same user rights as full administrators except autopatrol.
  2. Making outstanding contributions to the wiki. A user whose contributions consistently meet the Quality Standards will be promoted to autopatrol. If they can demonstrate an ability to work with others by participating in wiki discussions, they may be offered an admin position when the staff believes they are ready. (See FAQ: How can I get a promotion?).

Retired Staff

The following is a list of former staff members recognized for their role in shaping the wiki. Their usernames highlighted a special lavender color on the wiki. Staff members qualify if they have been active in their staff duties for at least a year and have made at least 1,000 edits. Exceptions to these criteria may be made by staff consensus. Retired staff generally do not keep their administrative rights.

Retired Staff
Username Real Name Signature
Abdullah Abdullah — Abdullah [T] [C] [S] 
Adam Adam -
Ando Andrew -
Axiomist Josh User:Axiomist/sig
Barquero - -
Bwar - -
Caralista Cara -
Cipriano Brent User:Cipriano/sig
Dany36 Daniela -
Eientei95 Logan -
Embyr 75 Raya Embyr 75  --Talk--
EzloSpirit Eric EzloSpirit (talk|contribs)
HylianKing Caleb St-Denis — Hylian King [*]
Justin Justin -
K2L Gus User:K2L/sig
Lightninghawk1410 - -
Luneyes - -
Mandi Mandi User:Mandi/sig
Mases Mases -
Matt Matt User:Matt/sig
Melchizedek Dathen User:Melchizedek/sig
melonspeedruns - -
Paragonfishhead Kyle -
PPLToast - -
Protokhal Jeffrey -
Steven Steven User:Steven/sig
Xizor Nicholas -
Vaati The Wind Demon Arden -
Varsityghouls Danon -