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Zelda Wiki:POSTMAN

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Welcome to POSTMAN (Pronunciation Organizing, Standardizing, and Management)!


  1. To add proper IPA and English respelling pronunciations to as many pages that need it.

General Pronunciation Tips

  • Keep the Pronunciation Guide at hand.
  • Familiarize yourself with how IPA and Respell pronunciations work, including stresses.
  • Learn how to use the {{IPA}} and {{Respell}} templates.
  • In the IPA template, separate syllables with a space for readability.
  • With phrases that have more than one word, use each template once per word.
  • Place the pronunciation at the first sentence of the article or section in the format (Pronounced {{IPA|IPA symbols}}, {{Respell|Respell symbols}})
  • Words changed little from the original Japanese can be based off the Japanese Romanji if the word can't easily be converted into English sounds.
  • When in doubt, a text-to-speech converter might help. But be advised that such converters aren't flawless. They can and do make mistakes. Such as not accounting for the gender of the name.
  • If there's a tie between two pronunciations, list both.


A badge for POSTMAN can be placed on userpages by {{POSTMAN|Offset}}, offset being the distance from the right edge of the header.

Active Members

To join this group, simply sign using three tildes (~~~) below.

Embyr 75  --Talk--

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