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All entries copyright (c) 2005-2018 to Zelda Wiki. Zelda Wiki bears no affiliation with Nintendo, nor do we guarantee that our site's content reflects Nintendo or any of its beneficiaries. Link, Zelda, and all other official aspects of The Legend of Zelda series, including images, are trademarks of Nintendo. Likewise, the owner of Zelda Wiki cannot be held responsible for the content and images that its users write and upload, and this content does not necessarily reflect the views of the owner of Zelda Wiki.

Zelda Wiki is a free and open The Legend of Zelda encyclopedia; in this way, because anyone may register an account and begin editing, we cannot guarantee the validity of our articles. Adverse actions, such as vandalism, prevent Zelda Wiki from holding an irrevocable quality standard across the wiki. In our defense, Zelda Wiki carries out a vehement policy against vandalism and misinformation; the administrative staff maintains the highest level of rapport and discipline so that the articles of Zelda Wiki remain credible and legitimate. Zelda Wiki cannot be held responsible if unsatisfactory or inaccurate information is processed.

In addition, because all images on Zelda Wiki are user-uploaded, there is a wide variety of possible sources, some of which may not be compatible with our GNU Free Documentation License. These images may be cropped from personal game ROMs, emulation devices, or found across the Internet. Images found on the Internet, especially fan art, official artwork and images from Zeldapedia and other like wikis must be cited and sourced appropriately, attributing as to the location found and the author of the image (if applicable). Images taken from other wikis and sites must be compatible with Zelda Wiki's GNU Free Documentation License. Zelda Wiki cannot be held responsible for an image that is not correctly sourced.

Please also be advised that Zelda Wiki contains spoiler material that may reveal crucial and ending plot detail related to The Legend of Zelda series; readers view Zelda Wiki at their own risk.

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