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Featured pictures will normally rotate on alternate days, but will also be manually overridden to allow newly featured pictures to appear on the Main Page for longer than the usual 48 hours.

Featured Picture Description
Miniblinattack.jpg Link versus Miniblins
Twilight.jpg Twilight Princess Illustration
Mushroom Minish Portal.jpg Minish Portal
Artwork 25 Anniversary.png The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary
TP Faron Render.png Faron
Deathhh.jpg Death Sword
LA Artwork.png Link's Awakening Art
Helmaroc King Scene.png Stained Glass Window
Link, Navi and Sheik.jpg Link, Navi and Sheik
Link and Pigs.png Link's piggy pals
MM Artwork.png Majora's Mask Illustration
Ootmastersword.jpeg Young Link claims the Master Sword
Link Darknuts.jpg Link versus Darknuts
Diababa.jpg Diababa
OoT Cast Artwork.png Ocarina of Time Poster
TP Fyrus Render.png Twilit Igniter Fyrus
TAoL Magical Sword Artwork.png
The Adventure of Link Sword
Link and Boss Key.png Link and Boss Key
Chuchuboss.jpg Big Green Chuchu
TP Morpheel Render.png Morpheel
Wiiart.jpg Skyward Sword Art
Spirit Tracks Scene1.png Spirit Tracks Art
Link and Ezlo.png Link and Ezlo
Hyrule Castle TP Artwork.jpg Hyrule Castle
SS Cragma Artwork.png Cragma
Wind Waker Scene.jpg The Wind Waker Artwork
TRR Art.jpg Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland Artwork
TAoL Link Fighting Link's Shadow Artwork.png Link versus Link's Shadow
Rail Map.png Rail Map
OoT3D Hyrule Field Artwork.png Hyrule Field
TWW Kalle Demos.png Kalle Demos
OoT Link Fighting Ganondorf Artwork.jpg Link vs. Ganondorf
TWW Great Fairy Figurine Model.png Figurine of the Great Fairies
Link resting.jpg Link resting
Zelda-Art-Medium.png Zelda and her Loftwing
The Wind Waker Scene HD.jpg The Wind Waker HD illustration