July 25, 2020

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Zelda Wiki:Becoming a Part of Zelda Wiki

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Knowledge is power!

Zelda Wiki is the largest repository for The Legend of Zelda content on the web, and we are maintained entirely by volunteer fans. If you're interested in joining the site, all you have to is register. We have some tips here on getting you started with editing and learning what we expect from our editors.

  • Read the Help Guides

The Help Guides contain information about our policies, including:

  1. The basics of editing
  2. How to cite sources
  3. What we consider proper editing etiquette on the wiki

There are many more guides like these, all of which are meant to be used a reference by new and old users alike.

  • Ask the staff

If you'd like some help or have a question to ask, feel free to contact one of the currently active staff members. We welcome newcomers and are more than happy to help you learn about using the wiki!