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Zelda's Diary

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Zelda's Diary
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Comparable Object(s) Zelda's Research Notes

Zelda's Diary is an object in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

Zelda's Diary is a book that is located inside Princess Zelda's Room. It details Zelda's thoughts following "The Champion's Ballad".

The first page mentions that the Fortune-Teller's prophecy grows closer despite Zelda's best efforts to research the ancient Sheikah technology.[2] Zelda also laments that her father, King Rhoam, chose Link as her appointed knight.[2]

The second page follows the events of "Resolve and Grief", as Zelda made her way to Goron City.[3] Zelda explains her discomfort with Link's stoic demeanor and rationalizes that he must hate her for her inability to awaken her powers.[3]

The third page details the events of "Zelda's Resentment", wherein Zelda lost her temper and scolded Link for following her around and making her uncomfortable with his silence.[4]

The fourth page recalls how Link saved Zelda from Yiga Footsoldiers at the Kara Kara Bazaar, reflecting upon the events of "Blades of the Yiga".[5] Zelda resolves to treat Link more fairly and to initiate dialogue with him.[5]

In the fifth page, Zelda details her discoveries about Link's personality, such as his inability to resist delicious Food.[6] Zelda explains that, much like with her overbearing father, Link feels overwhelmed by the stress of being a hero as feels he must maintain a calm and collected appearance in spite of his challenges.[6] Zelda also muses that she might be able to reveal her own troubles to Link.[6]

The events of "Father and Daughter" are explored in the sixth page of Zelda's Diary. After being reprimanded by her father for not devoting enough time to awakening her powers, Zelda explained that she has been training since she was a child and despite her efforts, she is unable to tap into her hidden powers.[7] She also explains that her training has been stunted by the lack of any teacher to guide her, as her mother passed away before her training began.[7] She finishes the page by explaining that she will travel to the Spring of Power to pray to Hylia in an attempt to awaken her sealing powers.[7]

Following the events of "Slumbering Power" wherein Zelda attempted to awaken her powers at the Spring of Power,[8] she dreamt of a woman surrounded by a bright light attempting to speak to her.[9] Though she could not hear what this woman was trying to say to her, she documented the dream within the seventh page of her Diary and wonders if she could have heard the woman if her powers were fully awoken.[9]

The eighth and final page was written the morning after the events of "To Mount Lanayru".[10] Zelda announces that she turned 17 years of age and consequently will make her way to Mount Lanayru to pray at the Spring of Wisdom in the hopes of awakening her sealing powers.[10] As she has not spoken with her father since his confrontation with her, she resolves to speak with him after bathing in the Spring's waters.[10] She finishes her Diary noting that she has experienced an overwhelming sense of dread since her dream, but fearing that nobody would listen to her concerns while her powers remain dormant.[10]


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Quote1.png After meeting with the Champions, I left to research the ancient technology, but nothing of note came of my research.

The return of Ganon looms—a dark force taunting us from afar. I must learn all I can about the relics so we can stop him.

If the fortune-teller's prophecy is to be believed, there isn't much time left...

Ah, but turning over these thoughts in my head puts me ill at ease. I suppose I should turn in for the night.

P.S. Tomorrow my father is assigning HIM as my appointed knight...
— Zelda's Diary

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    But she was wrong. No matter how I try or how much time passes...the sealing power that is my birthright evades me.

    Tomorrow I journey with Link to the Spring of Power to train. But this, too, will end in failure. Such is my curse.
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    Actually, I've had a horrible feeling ever since that weird dream. No one would believe a failure of a princess, but...

    Right now, for no particular reason, I am filled with a strange and terrible certainty that something awful is about to happen.
    " — Zelda's Diary (Breath of the Wild)