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Dungeon(s)Desert Palace
Reward(s)Sage Irene, Heart Container

Zaganaga is a Boss that first appeared in A Link Between Worlds. It resides in a secluded area in Lorule, only accessible through a Fissure after exploring the Desert Palace in Hyrule, and guards the painting of the sage Irene. It replaces Vitreous from A Link to the Past as the boss of Misery Mire.

Appearances and Weaknesses

The arena in which Zaganaga is fought consists of several stone pillars standing atop quicksand, making the Sand Rod a necessity to reach and fight it. The upgraded version of the rod is recommended, as the walls of sand it creates don't dissipate. Zaganaga moves from pillar to pillar, erupting from them to attack Link. During this time, it is also vulnerable to Link's sword slashes and other weapons. Occasionally, Zaganaga will release several creatures that will try and attack Link, which should be dispatched quickly.

After taking enough damage, Zaganaga's flower will bloom, exposing its eyes. It will then become much quicker, and will start shooting large streams of sand at Link. These streams have a long range and can damage Link and push him off of the pillar he is standing on, so it is advised to attack the boss as soon as it comes out of the sand, quickly retreat until the blast is over, and repeat the process. After the monster is defeated, a wall drops which releases a flow of sand, dissipating the quicksand and revealing Irene's painting as well as a Heart Container.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese ザーガナーガ (Zāganāga)
Federal Republic of Germany German Zaganaga


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