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LADX YipYip Sprite.png
Race Chain Chomp[1]
Family Madam MeowMeow (owner)[2]

YipYip is a character in Link's Awakening.[3]


YipYip is a small pet Chain Chomp owned by Madam MeowMeow in Mabe Village.[2] It resides in the side-room of Madam MeowMeow's house.[1] Unlike the other Chain Chomp pets, YipYip is able to speak Hylian fluently.

YipYip is obsessed with glitz and fashion, desiring to be adorned with accessories and jewelry.[4] If Link possesses the Ribbon, YipYip will notice the accessory and beg to have it, offering to trade its can of Dog Food in exchange.[5] If Link refuses to make the trade, YipYip becomes very angry at him.[6] Even after giving it the Ribbon, YipYip continues to insatiably lament for more accessories.


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