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Yellow Keaton

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Yellow Keaton
TMC Yellow Keaton Sprite.png
Habitat(s)Trilby Highlands
Western Wood
North Hyrule Field
Effective Weapon(s)Sword

Yellow Keaton are enemies in The Minish Cap.[1]


Keaton (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Keaton Figurine Sprite.png
Appears in various areas. This thieving fox preys upon travelers and merchants. He may not be strong, but he will attack you very quickly, so be careful.

Yellow Keatons tread the fields of Trilby Highlands and North Hyrule Field, seeking to prey on travelers and merchants. If they spot Link, they will charge at him with their daggers outstretched. If they manage to strike the young hero, they will cause him to lose some of his Rupees. Upon defeat, they yield various Rupees.


  • They are derived from the mythological Japanese fox creature, kitsune, notable for their trickery.[citation needed]

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