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The X-Shaped Jewel is an item in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

X-Shaped Jewel
OoS X-Shaped Jewel Artwork.png
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Main appearance(s)
Accessing Tarm Ruins


Location and Uses

The X-Shaped Jewel is found on an island off the Western Coast. To reach it, Link must shoot an Ember Seed with the Slingshot to light a Torch, creating a bridge. Then, he must use a Mystery Seed on a rock found on the island, which reveals a Mini-Moldorm.[2] After defeating it, a Treasure Chest holding the X-Shaped Jewel will appear. It is used in conjunction with the other three Jewels to open the door leading to Tarm Ruins.


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name Meaning
  EnglishUK X-Shaped Jewel
  FrenchEU Joyau Croix Cross Jewel
  German X-Juwel Same as English.
  Italian Gioiello a X Same as English.
  SpanishEU Joya en X Same as English.

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