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World of The Legend of Zelda

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The World of The Legend of Zelda is the world in which The Legend of Zelda series takes place. Very little is known about this world outside of the kingdom Hyrule, but it is known that multiple other kingdoms and continents exist that share certain ties to the series' preeminent setting. Its physical laws, terrain and lifeforms were created by the Golden Goddesses out of chaos,[1] and once completed they gave the sacred artefact known as the Triforce to the newly created world, likely as a form of divine providence. Were the Triforce ever to be removed or destroyed, the world - or at least Hyrule - would gradually deteriorate and fall apart.

Magical Laws

The world has its own set of magical laws, all of which were created by Nayru.[2]


Force, alternatively known as Life Force, the Light Force and Energy is something that exists within all living beings of this world.


Main articles: Medieval elements in The Legend of Zelda Universe and Technology in The Legend of Zelda Universe

The technology level of Hyrule and other lands varies greatly between games. Most games feature a relatively primitive land with a few unusually advanced technologies amidst predominantly medieval-era technology, while some, most notably Spirit Tracks, feature technology exclusively from a single real-world era.


For the most part, Hyrule and the societies of other races are governed by monarchies; however, New Hyrule may be a parliamentary democracy like that of the United Kingdom, due to the existence of both a monarch and a Chancellor. The king or queen of Hyrule is rarely seen, but Princess Zelda is always at the forefront, suggesting that she may be the acting monarch of Hyrule.

Known Areas

The world has the following known areas, these being kingdoms, countries and other realms or parallel universes entirely.

Main World

The Sky

The Sky is a place that appears in every title but is revealed upon close exploration to have lands and colonies of its own in The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, featuring the Wind Tribe and their respective Tower of Winds and Palace of Winds, the Oocca and the City in the Sky as well as Skyloft with the ancient ancestors of the Hylians.


Hyrule, as seen in Twilight Princess

Hyrule is the kingdom where most of the games in The Legend of Zelda series take place, the sole exceptions being Link's Awakening, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks. It is characterized by being surrounded by mountains and forests, and is has appeared to be the most prominent and important known land in the world. Prior to The Wind Waker, Hyrule was flooded and replaced by the Great Sea, upon which The Wind Waker takes place. Ganondorf attempts to unflood Hyrule through the use of the Triforce so that he can rule it,[3] however, Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule gets to Triforce first and wishes for the destruction of Old Hyrule and hope for a better future instead.[4] To these ends, it has been the center of many severe recurring wars and conflicts throughout its cyclical and bloody history.

Ordon Village

Ordona is an independent province, found immediately south of Old Hyrule. Despite its proximity, it's not considered to be a part of Old Hyrule. However, the province provides its northern neighbor with many of its agricultural products, including Pumpkins, cheese, and milk. Despite not being a part of Old Hyrule, Ordona Province is watched over by one of the four Light Spirits known as Ordona while the remaining Light Spirits, Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru, reside over the three provinces found in Old Hyrule.

Great Sea

The Great Sea

The Great Sea is an ocean that covers Old Hyrule, and borders the southern and western edge of New Hyrule, and possibly the same sea that borders Labrynna and Holodrum. Its various islands are made up of the tops of various high points of Old Hyrule.


New Hyrule

New Hyrule[5] is the successor nation founded by Tetra and the Hero of Winds 100 years prior to Spirit Tracks, and is where it takes place. It is a place untouched by the flood that destroyed Old Hyrule. Years before, during the Spirit War, the Spirits of Good imprisoned Malladus within the land, using the Tower of Spirits as a lock and what became the Spirit Tracks as chains. It is divided into five regions; the Forest Realm, the Snow Realm, the Ocean Realm, the Fire Realm, and the Sand Realm. Each of these has its own distinct geography, race, and culture.


Labrynna is a nation far away from Old Hyrule. It has large oceans and a vast mountain range to its west.


Holodrum is another nation that is located far from Old Hyrule. It has a large amount of flat land, with a large mountain range in the north.


Subrosia is a land located underground directly beneath Holodrum. Most of it is molten and filled with lava.

Other Realms

Sacred Realm

The Sacred Realm is the place created by the Goddesses to stow away the Triforce, said to be located in the centre of the world, in Hyrule. Rauru sealed this place with an entrance in the Temple of Time.

Twilight Realm

The Twilight Realm, the land of permanent twilight, is the home of the Twili Tribe. This race was sealed here years before the events of Twilight Princess.

Parallel Worlds


Lorule is a kingdom directly parallel to Hyrule and the world that it exists within, sharing an almost identical geography and having its own version of the Triforce and Princess Zelda and Link. When the people of this world destroyed their Triforce it began to fall apart.


Termina Field

Termina is another country that parallels the kingdom of Hyrule but to a lesser extent. It has a large field in the centre, a large ocean in the West, mountains to the North, a swamp to the South, and a desolate canyon to the East.

World of the Ocean King

The World of the Ocean King is, similarly to Lorule and Termina, a parallel world but to that of the Great Sea.[6][7] It is smaller than the Great Sea and is full of different islands. It is ruled over and protected by the Ocean King.

Koholint Island

Koholint Island is an island which existed only in the mind of the Wind Fish. The Wind Fish drew Link into the dream island, then later released him into an ocean located in an unspecified area of the world.

Non-canon Areas


Koridai is an island that is separate from Hyrule. It is mountainous and desolate.


Gamelon is an island that is separate from Hyrule. It is heavily forested and contains plenty of recent ruins.


Calatia is a location featured in the Legend of Zelda comic. Located west of Hyrule, Calatia is the land from which Link is said to originate. It is also where his parents live during the events of the comic.


  • Some games, and the material released with them such as the manuals, evasively call this world Hyrule.[1] Usually, though, this name is reserved specifically for the kingdom of Hyrule alone.[8][9][10]


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