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World's Finest Eye Drops

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World's Finest Eye Drops
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Main appearance(s)
Clearing Biggoron's eyes

The World's Finest Eye Drops,[1] also known as Biggoron's Eyedrops,[2][note 1] and the World's Finest Eyedrops,(OoT3D)[4] are an item in Ocarina of Time.

Location and Uses

The World's Finest Eye Drops are one of the items necessary to assist in the creation of Biggoron's Sword. They are received from the Lake Scientist after giving him the Eyeball Frog from King Zora, which he initially misinterprets as a gift.[2] After being told that it is meant to be made into Eyedrops for Biggoron, the Lake Scientist takes the Eyeball Frog and uses it to make the World's Finest Eye Drops. Returning the Eyedrops to Link, the Lake Scientist urges him to hurry to Death Mountain, as the ingredients will spoil within four minutes.[5]

If Link manages to return to Biggoron in time, he will thank Link and use the World's Finest Eye Drops immediately.[6] With his eyes cleared, Biggoron grows excited to return to his work and hands Link a Claim Check with the promise of finishing his work within a few days.[7]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 特製本生目薬 (Tokuseihonnama Megusuri)
ダイゴロンの目薬 (Daigoron no Megusuri)

Daigoron's Eyedrops
French Republic FrenchEU Super gouttes
Gouttes pour Biggoron
Federal Republic of Germany German Augentropfen
Augentropfen für Biggoron
Italian Republic Italian Miglior collirio del mondo
Collirio di Grande Goron
Best eyewash in the world
Great Goron's Eyewash
Republic of Korea Korean 특제 안약 (Teugje An-yag)
안약 (An-yag)
빅고론의 안약 (Biggolon-ui An-yag)
Special Eyewash
Biggoron's Eyewash


  1. Biggoron's Eyedrops were stylized as Biggoron's Eye Drops in all versions of Ocarina of Time prior to Ocarina of Time 3D.[3]


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