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Wiseapple Farm

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Wiseapple Farm
Wiseapple Farm.png
The Wiseapple Farm as seen in the book
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The Wiseapple Farm is a location featured in the book The Shadow Prince. Situated in the middle of the Water Town of Saria's central square, it is composed of several trees that are on a small plot of land surrounded by a wide, square moat. This moat, however, is full of bubbling, green slime that radiates a "nauseating odor" from it.[1]

The farm is first introduced when Link arrives to Saria Town and opens its gates using the key. He bumps into an Old Woman with eyes clear as glass, whos tells Link that if he wants to have eyes as clear as her, he must get to the apple tree in the Wiseapple Farm and eat its fruit.[2][3] Since the farm is surrounded by the green slime moat, he cannot reach it unless he places two wooden planks in a T-shape across the corner of the moat.[4]

After reaching the tree, he notices a small mirror with a thin wooden frame in one of the brances, realizing that the old woman was actually referring to the Mirror of Truth.[5]


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