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Wii U

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NWiki.png This article is a short summary of Wii U.
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Wii U
WiiU.svg.png Wii U Black.png
A Deluxe Set black Wii U
Type Home console
Release date
North America November 18, 2012[1]
Japan December 8, 2012
European Union November 30, 2012[2]
Commonwealth of Australia November 30, 2012
Media Wii U optical disc
Wii optical disc[3]
Predecessor Wii
Successor Nintendo Switch

The Wii U is a Nintendo home console, successor to the Wii. It can output HD graphics up to 1080p, making it Nintendo's first HD console. The Wii U comes with a GamePad which features a touchscreen, gyroscope, microphone, speakers, and a front-facing camera. It also allows games to be played directly to it without using a TV. The console is also backwards compatible with the Wii and has its own Virtual Console library.

An 8GB white Basic Set was released alongside a 32GB black Deluxe Set. A Zelda-themed special limited edition Deluxe Set bundle was also released. It included a black console marked with the Wingcrest and wind symbols in gold, plus a download code for a digital copy of The Wind Waker HD and Hyrule Historia.

The Legend of Zelda Games

The following games can be purchased as physical Wii U optical discs or digitally from the Nintendo eShop. The Wii U version of Breath of the Wild is notable for being the last first-party title published for the console, being released nearly two months after its discontinuation in January of 2017.

Virtual Console

Games from the Wii Virtual Console can also be played on the Wii U.

Backwards Compatible


Video Gallery

The Wind Waker HD limited edition Wii U unboxing


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