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White Chuchu Jelly

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White Chuchu Jelly
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10 Rupees
5 Mon
Killing Chuchus with an ice weapon
Killing Ice Chuchus
Creating Elixers
Upgrading Armor

White Chuchu Jellies are items in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

White Chuchu Jelly can be obtained by killing Ice Chuchus, or by killing Chuchus with ice weapons. It can also be made from regular Chuchu Jelly by using an Ice Rod or Blizzard Rod to freeze it, or by dropping it into icy water.

White Chuchu Jelly can be used to create Elixers. In addition, White Chuchu Jelly is used to upgrade the Desert Voe Set. If hit by a weapon, the jelly will burst and release a cloud of ice that can freeze nearby enemies.


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