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White Boes are enemies in Majora's Mask.[1]

White Boe
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White Boe

It's a White Boe... Just calm down and attack it! Yeah, yeah, yeah...There are just a lot of them, OK?

White Boes are the snow-dwelling counterpart of the Black Boes. They can be found around Snowhead Region, the Mountain Village and in the Snowhead Temple. Unlike the Black Boes, White Boes favor the brightness of the snow, rather than the darkness, and can potentially blend into their lighter surroundings. A White Boe can commonly be found in pine Trees. They replace Blue Tektites as the common Snowhead Region enemy at night.

Before they reach the ground, White Boes resemble large snowflakes, appearing like a soft flurry.


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name Meaning
  Japanese シロボー (Shiro Bō) White Boe
  FrenchCA Boe blanc (MM3D)
  German Weißer Spuk White Haunt
  SpanishLA Boe blanco (MM3D)

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