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Whirlwind (Object)

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This article is about the object. For the item, see Whirlwind.
Cyclone TWW.png
Whirlwind from The Wind Waker
Use(s) Increase Link's altitude
Reach otherwise inaccessible places
Comparable Object(s) Cyclone

Whirlwinds are recurring object in The Legend of Zelda series.[citation needed] It is a vortex of wind that is mainly used to increase Link's altitude and reach otherwise inaccessible places.


Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, whirlwinds can be found in the Stone Tower Temple. The can be used by Deku Link to increase his altitude while gliding through the air. Deku Link can jump straight into a whirlwind to start flying without the use of a Deku Flower.

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, whirlwinds can be found in the Great Sea and inside Dungeons. While sailing in the King of Red Lions, whirlwinds can caught Link and change his direction. They can also be used in the Wind Temple and the Bird-Man Contest to gain altitude while gliding with the Deku Leaf.

Although whirlwinds are mostly used as a boost while gliding, they can also be found as obstacles, such as in the Wind Temple, where various whirlwinds blowing downward will block Link's path until deactivated. Whirlwinds can also blow Link away unless he wears the Iron Boots, which must be worn to walk through the wind currents.

The Minish Cap

TMC Whirlwind.gif

In The Minish Cap, whirlwinds are small tornadoes found throughout Hyrule. Link can jump into them by using the Roc's Cape or by jumping off a ledge. When jumping into one, Link will hold onto Ezlo like a parachute, letting him glide through the air.