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This article is about the item in Spirit Tracks. For the object in The Legend of Zelda, see Cyclone.
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Main appearance(s)
Producing gusts of air
Comparable item(s)

The Whirlwind is an item from Spirit Tracks.[1]

Location and Uses

The Whirlwind can be found in the Forest Temple. It has the ability to pick up and move small items, like Small Keys. It can also blow around and stun lighter enemies,[2] and send Phantom Zelda flying through short distances. The Whirlwind can be used as a propeller when Link moves through water while being on a Block, as well as extinguishing Torches.

When Link is holding the Whirlwind, it brings up a line with which he can aim. Link must then blow into the Whirlwind to send a gust of Wind across the screen.[3] The longer he blows, the farther it travels, dying after a few seconds.


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