Whirling Scythe

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Whirling Scythe
Shadow temple reapers.jpg
Whirling Scythe in the Shadow Temple
Main appearance(s)
Rotating into Link

Whirling Scythes are sharp, rotating traps in Ocarina of Time.[name reference needed] Similar traps made of ice, known as Ice Blades or Ice Fans,[name reference needed] also appear in the Ice Cavern.


Whirling Scythes appear in large rooms, where they rotate indefinitely and cut through anything in their path. The Ice Blades found within the Ice Cavern are sharp, frozen blades, whereas the Whirling Scythes in the Shadow Temple resemble Grim Reapers and bear actual scythes.

Whirling Scythes cannot be destroyed by any means, although Link may avoid them by either ducking beneath their blades with his Shield, or by walking out of range. The Whirling Scythes will often require the young hero to walk through its path in order to access important objects, requiring Link to wait until the nearest blade has passed before he may proceed. In the Shadow Temple, wooden beams rest on the floor beneath the Whirling Scythes, adding difficulty to passing through the path of the blades.