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Western Pool

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Western Pool
Western Pool.png
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The Western Pool is a small pond near Tingle's house in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[1]


Tingle is called to the Western Pool by Uncle Rupee, who promises the middle-aged adventurer a more exciting life.[1] Once Tingle arrives and touches the surface of the pool's water, he is greeted by Uncle Rupee, who tells Tingle of Rupeeland and explains the role of Rupees.[2] After telling Tingle of Rupeeland's wonders, Uncle Rupee asks Tingle if he would like to go to Rupeeland.[3] If Tingle accepts, Uncle Rupee will zap the middle-aged adventurer, donning him in green clothing,[4] rechristening the adventurer as "Tingle".[5][6] Uncle Rupee will then grant Tingle 100 Rupees,[7] prompting him to throw some of them into the pool.[8]

Once Tingle throws enough Rupees into the pool, it grows into a Tower which continues to grow as Tingle adds more Rupees. This Rupee Tower allows Tingle to travel farther across the world with the aid of his Balloon.


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