Western Fairy Island

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Western Fairy Island
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Western Fairy Island is a location in The Wind Waker.[1]

Features and Overview

Fishman's Comment

Hoy! Small fry!

Western Fairy Island

I hear the bird-people who live on Dragon Roost Island east of here have invented an incredibly useful device that they call a Grappling Hook.... No lie, fry! I hear you can throw that thing at monsters and use it to grab treasure they've hidden in their pockets. Talk about cool. Oh, and have you seen those imp-like creatures called Bokoblins that hang out on the lookout platforms at sea and stare through their telescopes? I hear those guys keep Joy Pendants hidden in the pockets, so if you get one of those Grappling Hooks, you can use it to swipe their pendants!

Tingle's Comment


Western Fairy Island

My telepathy senses the aura of a fairy in that area. Could it be?

Western Fairy Island is a small, heart-shaped island located in quadrant C1 of the Great Sea. The entrance to a shell on the island is blocked by a ring of fire, though by hitting a plunger with the Skull Hammer, the fire will recede, allowing Link to enter and receive a Quiver upgrade from the Great Fairy within.


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