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Lynna City

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Lynna City
Lynna City in the present
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Lynna City,[1] also known as Lynna Village in the past,[2] is a central location in Labrynna in Oracle of Ages. The area is home to key characters and locations of the game's plot, such as the Maku Tree, Queen Ambi, and the Black Tower.

Nearly half of the game's trading sequence takes place here.

Lynna City is a prosperous and peaceful town composed of brick houses, overlooked by the looming and ominous Black Tower, built by the order of Queen Ambi long ago. The city is divided by a river flowing from the Nuun Highlands to the north. These areas separated by the river are joined by interconnected bridges. South Lynna, a small area south of the city where a lone Ember Seed Tree stands, connects the city to the South Shore and the southern ocean of Labrynna. To the east of the city lies the Forest of Time.

Inhabitants of the city include Bipin, a Gasha Seed farmer, and his wife, Blossom, who are raising their newborn child in the city. The village has its own shop, run by Stockwell. Vasu Jewelers is located on the east side of the city. Dr. Troy resides in the northwestern part of the city, and to the south live the Know-It-All Birds. In a house next to the river, Mamamu Yan lives with her pet dog, which will eventually get lost in the city, to be brought back to the owner by Link for the Snowshoe Ring.[3] The Comedian and his partner can also be found within the city. On the outskirts of town to the northwest stands the secluded Mask Shop. The city is governed by a mayor named Plen,[4] whose larger home can be found near the middle of the city.

Also within the village resides the Maku Tree, guardian of Labrynna,[5] who aids Link in finding the eight Essences of Time in order to defeat Veran and return peace to Labrynna.

Lynna Village

On his adventures between time and space, Link also visits Lynna City centuries in the past, during the reign of Queen Ambi. The smaller, simpler village is composed of wood houses with thatched roofs. The dreary mood of the hard-working inhabitants is worsened when all the men in the village are sent to work on the Black Tower during the day by the orders of Queen Ambi,[6][7][8] who was influenced and later possessed by Veran, Sorceress of Shadows. Veran, while in Nayru's body, created a day that never ends, forcing the villagers to work indefinitely on the tower.[9][10]

Lynna Village in the past

Lynna Village is the seat of the Labrynnian monarchy, reigned by Queen Ambi, who resides in her palace which is connected to the village. The palace is so large that it is almost equal in size to the village itself.[11]

Despite there being four hundred years between the past and the present ages,[12] Lynna Village greatly resembles Lynna City. The Maku Tree can still be found northeast of the village (although she is a mere sapling at the time), and an Ember Seed Tree still stands south of the village (although South Lynna is simply part of the South Shore in the past). New areas appear on the map, such as Northeast Lynna and West Lynna.

Many of the homes seen in this past age are at the very same location as the homes in the present, although they are inhabited by different people:

Once Link defeats Veran atop the Black Tower, peace returns to the village and all of Labrynna.[14] Afterwards, Link is treated with utmost respect by the inhabitants of Lynna.[15] Statues of Link are placed within the village,[16] which can be seen in the present age as well.


  • Lynna's name likely comes from the name of the land in which it is found (Labrynna).


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Lynna City Lynna Village
Japan Japanese レンヌのまち レンヌ村
French-speaking countries French Cité Lynna Village Lynna
Federal Republic of Germany German Lynna-Stadt Lynna-Dorf
Italian Republic Italian Città Lynna Paese di Lynna
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Ciudad Lynna Pueblo Lynna

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