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Waterfall of Wishing

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Waterfall of Wishing
The exterior of the Waterfall of Wishing
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The Waterfall of Wishing is a location in A Link to the Past.[name reference missing]

Features and Overview

The Waterfall of Wishing is a large waterfall that can be found at the northeastern corner of Lake Hylia, partway between the Witch's Hut and Zora's River.[1] The Waterfall of Wishing is home to a Great Fairy who is known to be a friend of Venus.[2] By swimming up the center of the waterfall, Link can access a secret which contains a small pond known as the Mysterious Pond.[3] Walking up to this pond asks if Link wants to throw something in. Any item the hero throws in will be returned by the Great Fairy dwelling within the pond, but certain items will be improved upon return if Link answers the Fairy's questions honestly.[4] The Boomerang will be replaced with the Magical Boomerang, a Fighter's Shield will be replaced with a Red Shield, and a Bottle will be filled with Medicine of Magic.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 願いの滝 (Negai no taki) Waterfall of Wishes
French Republic FrenchEU Cascade de Vœux Waterfall of Wishes
Italian Republic Italian Cascate delle Brame Waterfall of Desires



  1. "Whoa... I saw her. A very nice young lady at the Waterfall Of Wishing in the hills where the river begins... Link, you should meet her at least once. I'm sure you will like her." — Drunk Man (A Link to the Past)
  2. "I cannot grant any more wishes for you, but a friend of mine might be able to... She lives in the Waterfall Of Wishing near Zora's lake. I will return your Rupees to you. May you be happy..." — Venus (A Link to the Past)
  3. "-Mysterious Pond- Won't you throw something in? What will you do? Throw an item/Don't try it" — N/A (A Link to the Past)
  4. "Hello there. Did you drop this? I like an honest person. I will give you something better in return." — Great Fairy (A Link to the Past)
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