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Water Bomb

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Water Bomb
TPHD Water Bomb Artwork.png
Other media
30 Rupees for 5
60 Rupees for 10
90 Rupees for 15
Accessing new areas

Water Bombs are items in Twilight Princess. They are a special kind of Bomb that are able to detonate underwater, while other Bombs become duds once they make contact with water.

Location and Uses

TPHD Water Bomb Icon.png

Water Bombs can be bought from Barnes Bomb Shop in packs of five for 30 Rupees, packs of 10 for 60 Rupees, or packs of 15 for 90 Rupees. They first become available once Link has received the Zora Armor from Rutela, and are essential for gaining access and exploring the Lakebed Temple. Since Link can only carry one kind of Bomb per Bomb Bag, he will need at least one free bag to carry the Bombs inside. Water Bombs appear as blue fish with round explosives in their mouths, which greatly resembles Bombfish. Barnes, however, claims his are handmade.[1]

As aquatic Bombs, Water Bombs can be used to destroy certain walls, debris, and enemies that are underwater. To use them while underwater, Link must be wearing the Iron Boots. Water Bombs can also be used out of the water as well, however, they are much more costly than regular Bombs to use for this purpose and Link can only carry half as many.

Link can also catch Bombfish with the Fishing Rod in certain areas and add them to his Water Bomb inventory.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

HW Water Bomb Sprite.svg

In Hyrule Warriors, Water Bombs appear as Item Cards in Adventure Mode. They are obtained by winning certain Battles that offer them as a reward, and are used to destroy boulders on bodies of water to reveal secrets.


  1. "I finished my water bombs! These little fellas are so advanced, you can even use 'em in the water! Oh, they'll come in handy, guaranteed." — Barnes (Twilight Princess)