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Rouru of the Watarara carrying Link
Other media
Habitat(s)Multiple lands outside Hyrule[citation needed]
Special Characteristic(s)Flying
Notable Member(s)

The Watarara are a race in the Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa.


The Watarara appear in the bonus story entitled "Rouru of the Watarara." They ride the seasonal wind to Hyrule once a year due to their migration.[1] As a Watarara matures, they grow wings from their arms, giving them the ability to fly.[2] The young ride on their parent's back until they develop their wings.[3] Elrora is the chieftess of the tribe,[4] her son, Rouru, is the tribe's heir,[5] and Guufo is his guardian.[6]



Video Gallery

How to draw a Watarara by Akira Himekawa


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